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Place requests for pages/information here (start a new topic with * for a bullet point)

Update / Addition Requests

Additional Information for Existing Pages

For changes to existing pages, please format suggestions as:

[Page Name] - Suggested content addition/edits


  • [Runemage Advanced] - Add spells
  • [All classes] - Add artificing information
  • [Warrior] - Recent addition of charge skill


  • [People] - Populate the rest of the NPCs, include pics
  • [Bestiary] - Lots of pictures Done!
  • [Bestiary] - Begin tabulating more common drops

Items / Equipment

  • [Cosmetics] - FUTURE Add comments on transmog
  • [Weapons] - Power for weapons level 1-20
  • [Toolbelt] - Tool pictures
  • (Various) - Fisherman gear
  • [Currencies] - Token pics

Skills / Trades

  • [Trade Skills / Player House] - Split up information better
  • [Alchemy] - Fill in last few potions
  • [Alchemy] - Potion of forgetfulness
  • [Alchemy] - Update color coded potion making
  • [Artificing] - Tilesets
  • [Merchanting] - Expand from just stalls to trade in general (its a trade skill)


  • [Kill Quests] - Everything
  • [Hidden lamavora pages quest] - add location guide

General / Other

  • [Tradu Mines] - Sentry picture
  • [Raids] - General info including portal and raid map
  • [Shard Dungeons] - Mutation type/count per shard level
  • [Regions] - Points of interest and location pictures
  • [Regions] - Populate with NPCs when NPCs list is complete
  • [Rune pillars] - Complete locations and add pillar pictures

Entirely New Pages or Topics

(This can also include page merges or splits into multiple pages)

  • Ghost class
  • Wilds (all areas + trickster)

General Change Log

General history of wiki changes (for specifics see Special:RecentChanges)

Week of 5/27/19

New theme for Reborn! (mw-body image changed from "background-image" to "border-image" for cleaner and more flexible rendering.)

Week of 5/13/19

Added a number of new assets and images. Complete overhaul of MainPage with an eye to better mobile layout and all the new Reborn stuff. Updated a basic layout for all classes

Week of 5/6/19

Updated MediaWiki version, added the new Timeless theme as an option, and changed up some user permissions to more open editing than before. (would like to still limit to confirmed users, but no longer requires a special user group)

Week of 7/15/18

Added full listing of armor sets: Ranger, Runemage, Warrior, Musketeer

Week of 7/8/18

Updated guide for editing to include extensive resource from MediaWiki source

Added an armor page to complete the listing of equipment (work in progress)

Added list of known armor and stat values to armor

Added a currencies page for tradable and non-tradable currencies/tokens

Updated world bosses general info

Added relevant artificing runes to (Advanced) Classes pages

Updates to dungeons

Week of 7/1/18

Fishing updated to reflect wilds lure drops changes

Legendary fish info added (+1 spot and rain correlation)

Some (~half) of kill quest info added

Added section on Ithecac for Invisible Ink Quest Locations

Began compiling users guide for editing