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Fishing in OrbusVR Reborn is an an activity you can perform to obtain potion making materials. Missions are provided for this activity courtesy of Chef Lethrow in Highsteppe.

To fish, you will need a fishing rod (sold by Chef Lethrow), fishing lures (made in the Player House or obtained by trading with other players), and a general idea of where to fish and what lures to use for each kind of fish. Fishing at its core is relatively simple: equip the fishing rod and fishing lure into your tool slots, cast your line, and begin reeling. If you see the cast lure bob in the water (or feel the additional haptic feedback), pull up with your rod to hook the fish. From then, you will need to lure more carefully to prevent the line snapping - as it turns from white to red while reeling, it gets closer to snapping; laying off the reeling will let the line slacken slightly and it will return to white.

Standard Fish

SunfishInfo.jpg BassInfo.jpg CatfishInfo.jpg

EelInfo.jpg MinnowInfo.jpg AxolotolInfo.jpg

CloakfishInfo.jpg RidgebackInfo.jpg SpiralbackInfo.jpg

SharkInfo.jpg ClownfishInfo.jpg PhoenixInfo.jpg

Fish info-graphics by Decoy. Locations are invalid in Reborn

Legendary Fish

The three original legendary fish and one of the new ones do not have a set location. They rotate around the various bodies of water across the world and only remain there for a short time, around a couple of hours.

Blimp Fish: Lured with - Shiny Metal (primary), Large Minnow

Frosted Perch: Lured with - Bloody Meat (primary), Blue Scales

Da Majestic Flounder: Lured with - Eyeworm, Shiny Metal, Bloody Meat (all 3 required)


Kylakin: Lured with -

The final legendary fish appears only in select spots and only during certain weather activities:

Jelmiry: Lured with -

Location Charts

Primary bait at each location listed

info out of date

Standard Fish

Sunfish Green Bellied Bass Katyharan Catfish Large Minnow Saddled Lion Eel Axolotol Ridgeback Piranha Spiralback Snail Cloak Fish Dwarf Shark Phoenix Fish Clown Fish
Lake Kingsport Lesser Eye Small Tooth
Highsteppe Pond Lesser Eye Small Tooth
Guild City Small Tooth
Lake Susannah Small Tooth Blue Scales
Lucian Bridge Lesser Eye Small Tooth Small Tooth
Lucian Dock Lesser Eye Small Tooth Small Tooth Blue Scales
Hulthines Dock Lesser Eye Small Tooth Blue Scales Eyeworm
Lucian Cube Lake Small Tooth Small Tooth Lesser Eye
Snake Battlefield Small Tooth Blue Scales
Mountain Crest Small Tooth Blue Scales
Desert Oasis Small Tooth
Lamavora Lake Lesser Eye
Tradu Waterfall Small Tooth Small Tooth
Explorer’s League Pond Lesser Eye
Heathrun Lesser Eye Small Tooth Small Tooth Small Tooth
Bay of Two Souls Small Tooth Blue Scales Minnow
Desert Wilds Lesser Eye Minnow Blue Scales Lesser Eye Eyeworm
Lucian Wilds Blue Scales Lesser Eye Shiny Metal
Lamavora Wilds Small Tooth Blue Scales Bloody Flesh

Source spreadsheet available at [1]

Legendary Fish

info out of date

Blimp Fish Frosted Perch Damage Da Flounder Key
Lake Kingsport Shiny Metal+Bloody Flesh+Eye Worm
Highsteppe Pond Rare fish only
Guild City Shiny Metal+Large Minnow Rare fish+common
Lake Susannah Bloody Flesh+Blue Scale
Lucian Bridge Bloody Flesh+Blue Scale
Lucian Dock
Hulthines Dock
Lucian Cube Lake Bloody Flesh+Blue Scale
Snake Battlefield
Mountain Crest Bloody Flesh+Blue Scale
Desert Oasis
Lamavora Lake Shiny Metal+Large Minnow Shiny Metal+Bloody Flesh+Eye Worm
Tradu Waterfall
Explorer’s League Pond Shiny Metal+Large Minnow Shiny Metal+Bloody Flesh+Eye Worm
Heathrun Shiny Metal+Large Minnow
Bay of Two Souls Shiny Metal+Large Minnow Shiny Metal+Bloody Flesh+Eye Worm
Desert Wilds
Lucian Wilds Shiny Metal+Bloody Flesh+Eye Worm
Lamavora Wilds

Correlation between arrival of Frosted Perch and rain in-game has been shown

Lure Farming

info out of date. Check Bestiary

Lure Best Locations Recommended Mob
Small Tongue Highsteppe Giant Kelpie
Lesser Eye Highsteppe Redtails
Small Tooth Rainforest
Feathers Midlands Valsunga Wyrm
Blue Scales Midlands Valsunga Wyrm
Large Minnow Jungle Lake Must be fished
Rotten Finger Necropolar Order Guard
Shiny Metal Lucian Wilds All mobs
Eye Worm Desert Wilds All mobs
Bloody Flesh Lavamora Wilds All mobs

(Note: Prior to July '18, Eye Worm and Bloody Flesh were dropped exclusively by aberrations and corrupted mobs)

Stat Bonuses

info may be out of date Luck: Gives a small percent chance to receive two fish at once upon a successful catch

Intellect: Increases the likelihood of getting nibble notifications when not catching a fish

Strength: Decreases fish movement while hooked and being reeling in