World Bosses

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World bosses each have a unique spawn mechanic that can be triggered any time to begin an initial fight and consecutively 5 minutes after the boss is killed or despawns. They are primarily hunted for cosmetic Capes and powerful rings.

Bjorn Stafrute

Picture Location
Drops Notes
BjornStafrute.jpeg Highsteppe : Green Lady Temple Ruins Overgrown Bark (Cape)
Signet of Bark
"Enraged" only by destroying trees
Spawns Adds
Spawns seeds

Chaos Giant

Picture Location Drops Notes
Chaos Giant.jpeg Lamavora Battlegrounds Unknown Equation (Cape)
"Enraged" only by flipping all switches at once

Scav Giant

Picture Location Drops Notes
Scav Giant.jpeg Hulthine's Basin Independent Thought (Cape)
Scavenged Ring
Must lead him to smash a certain number of wolves to Enrage
Spawns adds
Massive AOE