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Noah's Ark

Hunter Dern sends you across the lands to kill many a foe. He assigns lists of non-elite monsters from one location at a time. He resides in Highsteppe.

Noah's Ark Kingsport Lake

Enemy Number
E #

Noah's Ark Wenderwood

Enemy Number
E #

Noah's Ark Rainforest

Enemy Number
E #

Noah's Ark Desert

Enemy Number
E #

Noah's Ark Lucian Plateau

Enemy Number
Armored Warg 17
Warg 17
Runic Warg 17
Elder Vulpes 17
Elk 17
Stag 17

Noah's Ark Frosted Spit

Enemy Number
Frosted Felid 18
Frosted Vulpes 18
Frosted Moosu 18
Dreygur 18

Noah's Ark Lamavora Frontier

Enemy Number
Venom Huntsman 19
Truffle Hog 19
Char Dygron 19
Bluetail 19

Noah's Ark Wilds

Enemy Number
E #

Sicilus Bestiary

Sicilus asks you to assist with her research of monsters. She assigns stronger monsters than Hunter Dern, typically including elites or bosses. She may be found near Guild City, in the Zoological Gardens, or in the Necropolar depending on your progress in the story line.

Bestiary 1

Enemy Number
Char Dygron #

Bestiary 2 (Rainforest)

Enemy Number
Valusia Warrior 4
Venom Spider 10

Bestiary 3 (Maeo's Sanctum)

Enemy Number
Dovregubben 1
Giant Stone Kelpie 1

Bestiary 4 (Rainforest Grove)

Enemy Number
Shuggai Sprig 10
Shuggai 1
Shuggai Root 3

Bestiary 5 (Desert Crypt)

Enemy Number
Dweorg's Soldier 3
Dragon 1
Obnobi Ghoul 5

Bestiary 6

Enemy Number
E #

Tradu / Ancients

Trail of the Ancients

Boss Number
Mist Keeper 15
Potion Keeper 15
Tank Keeper 15
Soul Keeper 15
Mutated Worm 30
Mutated Shroom 30
Squiddie 30
Sentry 30

Quest 2

Enemy Number
E #