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While under the influence of Ithecac, the view of the world changes and a player can see a number of hidden items throughout. These most notably include pages for one's journal with recipes for dyes, potions, and artificing tiles.

Ithecac World.png

Journal pages with potion or dye recipes appear as glowing green

Ithecac Green.png

Journal pages with artificing recipes appear as glowing purple

Ithecac Purple.png

Hidden Journal Pages

Location Item
Building on top of The Green Lady Giant Growth Potion
Camp of rebels at The Green Lady Artificing Page 3
Old Kingsport near The center of town Artificing Page 2
Outside chef's house Toffee Major Dye
Graveyard of Highsteppe Stat boosting potions
Center of burning forest Pack Mule Potion
Maat's keep ruins near the large statues and Chudkatet Orange Accent Dye
Near The rainforest dungeon between The alter and Mountain Crest Luck Potion
New Kingsport house Terracotta Major Dye
On The airship landing sight near The tents Artificing Page 5
Obnobi Desert
Behind a Building in Cailo Fa Ki Artificing Page 6
At The oasis Artificing Page 7
Teleportation point at The south end Artificing Page 8
Balam Fa Cher first tier door on The left hand side will take you to it Speed Potion
Lucian Plains
Lower platform at Lucian Plains boat dock Seafoam Major Dye
East entrance to Lucian Wilds at border near Graveyard Potion of Masked Scent
Lamavora Frontier
In Tradu Mines gear puzzle room Concentrated Healing Potion
Next to Essa Spriggan (mushroom elite) south of The Floating Resort Empowered Strikes Potion
Frosted Spit
Outside Heathrun near The first fire feature to The south-East Ability Reset Potion
Fisherman's crust Navy Blue Major Dye
South-west from The Gold Divide up The hill Artificing Page 1

Invisible Ink Quest Locations

1. Tradu Mines Gear Puzzle Room (near Explorer's League encampment)


2. Plains near Explorer's League encampment


3. ?