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Fishing in OrbusVR Reborn requires the use of both tool slots. To start your journey into fishing, visit Chef Lethrowe inside the city of Highsteppe. Each fish will require a certain primary bait to be hooked, with some requiring or being further enticed by other baits. While some fish may be found in a variety of places, others may only be found in isolated fishing holes in the far corners of the world. Some rare fish even come and go on a whim. The first few fish you will need to get started are the sunfish, green bellied bass, and katyharan catfish.




To start fishing, you can equip the rod you purchase and then equip a crafted fishing lure in the tool slots. Lure ingredients can be found from most every noncombative enemy (such as Deer, Bears, etc) in the world and can be attached to a lure in your house. You cast the lure out into a body of water as you would with a real fishing pole and begin to reel it in. Once a fish bites, pull up with the rod to hook it and continue reeling. As you reel, the line will begin to turn darker shades of red and eventually break. To prevent the lure from breaking, either let go or stop turning with your reeling hand for a few moments until the red fades. Once the lure reaches the shore, you can cast again. Note that it is easier to fish if you engage sticky hand on the rod by gripping it and holding it in place for a few seconds until the haptic feedback occurs. After that, you can let go and it will remain in your hand until you press the trigger again.

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The collection of resources can provide both a steady income for the aspiring merchant or raw materials for alchemy. Harvestable resources are ever-present in your travels and some of the most coveted exist only in the most dangerous parts of the realm. The Highsteppe region contains many queen’s ear, roto spore, and reedflute. These, along with a few fish, will be the foundation for your first potions.

Queens ear.JPG Roto spore.JPG Reed flute.PNG

To collect resources, you will need to equip your harvester in your tool belt. You can then swing it through a harvestable resource to collect it. Some resources, like Queen's Ear, are found in a variety of places around the world, while others are contained to small sections of one region.

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Alchemy is the profession of potion making in OrbusVR. Each potion has a set recipe requiring a variety of ingredients possibly consisting of plants, fish, or minerals. To make a potion, the required ingredients must be mixed into the cauldron in your house at a series of specific times. The cauldron progresses colored heat stages to indicate when it's time to add certain ingredients. To finish a potion, dip the bottle beside the cauldron into the liquid during the indicated color on the recipe. The basic healing potion is the simplest of all, requiring only three ingredients and a few color changes,

Place your rotospore, queens ear, and sunfish in your alchemy chest to show them on the alchemy table. You can then grab the ingredients and put them in when color matches that shown, in descending row order. The cauldron will always start blue until you put an ingredient in, then it will slowly cycle through the colored heat levels.

Healing Potion
Add Queens Ear
When Yellow, add Rotospore and Queens Ear
When Blue again, add Sunfish and Dip Bottle

Some recipes are attained through the main quest line, while others may require you to complete side quests to learn their secrets. Even more elusive recipes hide scattered around the world, but cannot be seen by the normal eye. Each new recipe you attain will be added as a new or updated entry in your journal. Additionally, some potions may become more potent or gain added effects if left on the aging rack in your house.

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Pet Breeding

Pet dragons may be bred in the terrarium in your house. It requires two dragons which each have a playful mood. The mood is achieved by interacting with them and feeding them treats. Special treats may be fed to a dragon to increase the chance of the offspring retaining a specific trait from that dragon.


To start breeding, place both parent dragons with a playful mood in the first two (left and middle) spaces in the terrarium chest. If all conditions are met for breeding, a small flame will appear between them. After 12 hours, a new dragon should appear between them and may be removed via the chest. Your first dragons may be purchased from Sicilus in the Zoological Gardens or from other players.

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Artificing involves the creation of tile sets to match your playstyle to achieve greater combat effectiveness. Tiles, the basic units for artificing, involve alchemy with a wide range of materials from virtually every zone where harvestables are found. Additionally, the tile sets you create cannot be retrieved from an armor piece once used on it. Thus, it is generally a skill only pursued by players content with their gear in end game content who have either a knack for alchemy or a hefty pile of dram to hire an alchemist to supply them.

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