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Adventurers from across the realm will travel great distances to have their weapons and armor forged and enhanced by a talented Artificer. Customizing and balancing each piece to its owner’s exact needs is within their grasp.

The most fabled Artificers often go on adventures of their own to the most dangerous places in the world, seeking the discovery of new runes and ore to further advance their own knowledge, and that of their entire craft.

Rune Tiles and Sets

Tiles are created through the alchemy profession. Using ores mined throughout the land, the artificer can create individual tiles with their known recipes.

Tilesets are created from individual tiles on the artificing table in the basement of your home. Each tileset is created from a series of three to five tiles.

There are currently 36 tiles/runes implemented in the game

Activating Tilesets

As a player engages in combat, all the individual actions of combat (taking damage, blocking, and each individual attack) all have their own rune associated with these actions. As the actions occur, the tiles in the tileset are activated. When the series of a tileset is complete, the buff will proc.

The series in a tileset does not have to be completed sequentially. Other actions can occur between the activation of each tile in the tileset. However, the more actions that occur, the more "interference" there is in the tileset and the weaker the proc.

Choosing a Tileset

When consumed, the runesmith sight potion will show the runes that are activating while a player is in combat. This potion only displays the runes for the player that consumed the potion. It does not, by comparison, reveal runes of all other players to the one who consumed the potion.

A skilled artificer can examine the runes of the player who consumed the potion and look for patterns that activate during combat. The artificer can then build tilesets based on the viewed runes.

Tiles - Their Meanings and Recipes

Still being refined, some tiles may not be accurate

Tile Picture Musketeer Meaning Ranger Meaning Runemage Meaning Warrior Meaning Paladin Meaning Shaman Meaning Bard Meaning Scoundrel Meaning Other Meaning Recipe (Finish all when blue)
A Tile A.png Weakness Orb Piercing Arrow Frostbolt 1, 2 and 3 Wound Ground Slam Set Totem
Frost Totem Pulse
Burn Card Knight's Tear and Nahomium and Obsidian
When green Grathorp
B Tile B.png Obsidian and Grathorp
When green, Linstanium and Nahomium
C Tile C.png Cure Wounds Orb Nahomium and Grathorp and Cryejil
when turquoise, Cryejil
D Tile D.png Arcane Ray Cleave Lightning Orb Spread Flint
Spread Frost
Cryejil and Knight's tear
When yellow, Knight's Tear, When green, Cryejil
E Tile E.png Linstanium and Knight's Tear and Cryejil
When green, Linstanium
F Tile F.png Obsidian and Linstanium
When green, Linstanium and Obsidian
G Tile G.png Obsidian and Nahomium and Knight's Tear
when red, Grathorp
H Tile H.png Obsidian and Knight's Tear
When Turquoise, Linstanium
When yellow, Knight's Tear
I Tile I.png Enemy AoE ticks (DoT AoEs) Linstanium and Cryejil and Grathorp
When red, Cryejil
J Tile J.png Decurse Orb, Shield Orb Pushback Provoke Libram of Power Stun Orb Mallet Throw Card of Light Obsidian and Linstanium
When green, Linstanium and Nahomium
K Tile K.png Nahomium and Knight's Tear
When green, Obsidian and Linstanium
L Tile L.png Grathorp and Nahomium
When green, Cryejil
When yellow, Linstanium
M Tile M.png Normal Shot Normal Arrow 2 hits per second (old Ice Lance mechanic) Slow (approx. 2 hits per second). Slow (approx. 2 hits per second) Nahomium X 2
When yelow, Cryejil
When red, Obsidian
N Tile N.png Medium (approx. 3 hits per second). Medium (approx. 3 hits per second) Cryejil and Obsidian
When turquoise, Nahomium and Knights Tear
O Tile O.png Grathorp and Cryejil
When Turqoise, Nahomium
When yellow,Cryejil
P Tile P.png Fast (approx. 4 hits per second). Fast (approx. 4 hits per second) Nahomium x 2
When turquoise, Obsidian and Linstanium
Q Tile Q.png Fastest (approx. 5 hits per second). Fastest (approx. 5 hits per second) Knight's tear, Nahomium, Obsidian and Nahomium
R Tile R.png Cryejil and Grathorp
When green, Grathorp
When yellow, Knight's Tear
S Tile S.png Cryejil x 2
When Turquoise, Obsidian
When yellow, Cryejil
T Tile T.png Acquired when your character receives healing from one of various sources Linstanium and Knight's Tear and Obsidian
When green, Knight's Tear
U Tile U.png Firebolt 1, 2 and 3 Empowered Attack
(including thrown)
Fireball Orb Justice Crescendo(per bolt)
Harm Crescendo
Card of Flame Cryejil and Grathorp
When turquoise, Obsidian x2
V Tile V.png Linstanium and Knight's Tear
When green, Cryejil and Linstanium
W Tile W.png Physical attack by an enemy Nahomium x 2
When turquoise, Obsidian and Linstanium
X Tile X.png Knight's Tear and Grathorp
Y Tile Y.png Appears when attacked by an Enemy's AoE. Grathorp and Cryejil and Grathorp
When green, Nahomium
Z Tile Z.png Grathorp and Nahomium
When turquoise, Linstanium
When red, Linstanium
a Runic OS.jpg Something? Mid-range pulse effect Spread Poison Distance?
x Tile aa.png Attacked by multiple enemies Obsidian x 2 and Cryejil
When turquoise, Obsidian
c Tile cc.png Cryejil and Nahomium
When red, Cryejil and Grathorp
e Tile ee.png Attack/kill multiple enemies. Nahomium x 2 and Cryejil
When yellow, Nahomium
g Tile gg.png Musketeer's Default Shot rate Delay of less than 1.5 seconds between spells Shortest Delay Obsidian and Linstanium
When red, Obsidian and Grathorp
i Tile ii.png Medium Delay Knight's Tear and Grathorp
When turquoise, Obsidian and Linstanium
n Tile nn.png Default pulse time Long Delay Grathorp and Obsidian
When yellow, Linstanium and Cryejil
o Tile oo.png Poison Orb Poison Arrow Affliction 1,2 Hamstring Lava Totem Pulse Gentle Healing Pulse
Justice Pulse
Card of Vines Nahomium and Grathorp
When Green, Obsidian and Nahomium
s Tile ss.png 2nd Longest Delay Knight's Tear and Linstanium
When red, Nahomium and Obsidian
t Tile tt.png Longest Delay (~6 seconds), or start of combat Cryejil x 3
When green,Grathorp
0 0 Killing Enemies Linstanium and Obsidian
When yellow Nahomium
When red, Obsidian
1 1 Close Pulse? Killing More than One Enemy
or close distance effects
Nahomium and Linstanium and Obsidian
When yellow,Cryejil

Basic Tilesets

Work in progress, coming soon