Lure Crafting

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Crafting lures is a key part to mastering Fishing in OrbusVR. The type of lure that you use affects the type of fish that will be attracted to it, increasing your chances of catching rarer and more valuable fish.

Lure Parts

Currently, each lure may be created with between 1 and 3 ingredients. Ingredients for lures can be found by simply killing monsters out in the world, or trading with other players. Right now there are 10 lure parts that are available:

  • Lesser Eye
  • Small Tongue
  • Small Tooth
  • Blue Scales
  • Feathers
  • Rotten Finger
  • Bloody Flesh
  • Shinny Metal
  • Large Minnow (must be caught, not dropped from monsters)
  • Eye Worm

Lure Crafting Station

Inside of your Player House you will find a new Lure Crafting Station. It's to the left right when you come in through the front door. There, you will see a table, with a stand with an empty hook on it, as well as a small chest underneath the table. To begin, open the small chest and deposit the lure parts that you have collected into it. Upon doing so, you will see that the lure parts will appear on top of the table as 3D objects.

Close the chest, walk over and grab the lure part with a free hand (using the Grip button), and place it on the empty hook. You will now see it appear on the hook! You can place up to three different ingredients on the same hook. You cannot put the same ingredient on the hook multiple times.

Once you are finished making your lure, simple press the "Finish" button on the menu that appears next to the stand. You will see a crafting effect, and then the lure will reset back to empty. If you check your Inventory, you'll see that the crafted lure is now in your inventory. The icon for all Lures look the same, but you can view the tool tip to determine what type of Lure Parts are attached to each lure. If you make a mistake and wish to restart the process, just press the Cancel button in the menu.

Using Lures

To use a lure, simply equip it into the bottom-center spot of the equipment screen when you have equipped your pole. After you equip a lure, you'll see it appear on your pole, including with the specific parts you created it with. You can also hover your finger over a lure in your inventory screen to review what parts that lure was created with.

The lure that you built directly affects the type of fish that you can catch. To catch fish, you'll need to have the right lure, and go to the right location in the world.