Hunter Dern

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Name: Josef Dern

Title: Chief Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Occupation: Chief Hunter of Highsteppe

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: Hunter Dern was born and raised in Highsteppe during the Dandelion Wars of 157–151 E.A. As a child of the war, Dern saw his father march off with the other Highsteppe Guardians into Lamavora. Unfortunately for Dern and his sister, his father’s Legion of soldiers fell victim to the Mulbirth Massacre that took place in the final year and final month of the war when he was just four years old. As a result, he was raised by his older sister for most of his life, before he drew the attention of the Chief Hunter of Highsteppe as a potential hunting prodigy. Dern trained under the chief hunter until he was seventeen years old, at which point, he left Highsteppe, journeying into the Greater Lamavora Wilds to visit the site that his father was murdered. This lead Dern on a short-lived rampage against Lamavoran bandits for five years, as he sought to exorcise the pain that had built in him from his father’s death. Once he had killed as many as he could, and faced death several times, he returned to Highsteppe and took over as the Chief Hunter for his village. He has remained in that job ever since, travelling occasionally throughout the land to take part in different hunting competitions from time to time.

Current Situation: Dern currently resides in the small village of Highsteppe, leading a small group of hunters on expeditions out into the wilderness in search of food for his village.