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The Bestiary houses the list of enemies in the game except for World Bosses. They are marked on this page for regional locations and an image. More details are listed for each enemy within the regional bestiary pages, including loot and combat styles.

Level Indicators and Content Difficulty

Monster Difficulty.png

Approximate strength (may be influenced by gear)

  • Impossible: 2+ Levels above you
  • Difficult: 1 Level above you
  • Same Level: Equal level to you
  • Weak Level: 1 Level below you
  • No challenge: 2+ Levels below you

Elite level enemies will also have a colored approximate strength indicator with the elite tier banner. Boss tier enemies do not have an approximate strength indicator, just the boss tier symbol. Note that with OrbusVR Reborn came scaled content.

In the Overworld, most enemies are scaled +6/-4, meaning you can only really hurt enemies at most as if you were 6 levels higher and at least as if you were 4 levels lower. In effect, if you are a level 15 or level 20 fighting a level 24 monster, you will do the same percentage damage, even if the damage values show up differently (and you will take the same percentage damage as well). If you are level 26 or 30 fighting a level 20 or lower scaled monster, the same would be true. This formula is only impacted by the use of tiered weapons and armor (+1 or higher), which will provide an additional level advantage to your damage or damage reduction.

Unscaled monsters, enemies with brackets around their level indicator (or yellow icon once you target them), act as they previously did, with no cap on the level difference.

Overall Loot Table

Loot Item Image Highsteppe Flooded Rainforest Lamavora Battlegrounds Hulthine's Basin Wastelands Dungeons
Small Tongue SmallTongue.png X X
Small Tooth SmallTooth.png X X X X
Fat Fly FatFly.png X X X
Snake Bits SnakeBits.png X X X
Rotten Finger RottenFinger.png X X X X
Shiny Metal ShinyMetal.png X X
Blue Scales BlueScales.png X X X X
Eyeworm Eyeworm.png X
Lesser Eye LesserEye.png X
Feathers Feathers.png X X X
Bloody Flesh BloodyFlesh.png X X
Runemage Reagent X X X X X

Overall Enemy Locations

Photo Highsteppe Flooded Rainforest Lamavora Battlegrounds Hulthine's Basin Wastelands Dungeons Drops
Sapling Stafrusher SaplingStafrusher.jpeg X
Sapling Barkers SaplingBarkers.jpeg X
Stafrusher Stafrusher.jpeg X X
Barking Stafrusher BarkingStafrusher.jpeg X X
Stafraster Stafraster.jpeg X X
Stafrute Stafrute.jpeg X X
Stafrage Stafrage.jpeg X X
Spice Thief SpiceThief.jpeg X
Rushed Stafrusher Rushed Stafrusher.jpeg X X
Volur Stafrage
VolurStafrage.jpeg X X
Sorceress Sorceress.jpeg X
Agent of Darkness AgentofDarkness.jpeg X
Enraged Stafrusher EnragedStafrusher.jpeg X
Enraged Barking Stafrusher EnragedBarkingStafrusher.jpeg X
Enraged Stafraster EnragedStafraster.jpeg X
Enraged Stafrute EnragedStafrute.jpeg X
Enraged Stafrage EnragedStafrage.jpeg X
Fortified Stafrute FortifiedStafrute.jpeg X
Elite Stafrusher EliteStafrusher.jpeg X
Elite Stafraster EliteStafraster.jpeg X
Elite Stafrage EliteStafrage.jpeg X
Autumn Vulpes AutumVulpes.jpeg X X
King Stag KingStag.jpeg X
Queen Hind QueensHind.jpeg X
Fawn Fawn.jpeg X
Loose Experiment FailedExperiment.jpeg X
Bucket Scav BucketScav.jpeg X X X
Sniper Scav SniperScav.jpeg X X X
Scav Buckler ScavBuckler.jpeg X X
Colossus.jpeg X
Horde Horde.jpeg X
Enraged Marksman Scav EnragedMarksmanScav.jpeg X X X
Enraged Pistoler Scav EnragedPistolerScav.jpeg X X X
Enraged Assassin Scav EnragedAssassinScav.jpeg X X X
Enraged Scav Knight EnragedScavKnight.jpeg X X X
Minion of Darkness MinionofDarkness.jpeg X X
Void Caster VoidCaster.jpeg X X X
Tear Minion TearMinion.jpeg X X
Felid Felid.jpg X
  • Rotten Finger
  • Feather
Truffle Hog TruffleHog.jpeg X
Truffle Pigglet TrufflePigglet.jpeg X
Chaos Giant
Chaos Giant.jpeg X
Tear Brute Tear Brute.jpeg X
Tear Wizard Tear Wizard.jpeg X X
Tear Caster Tear Caster.jpeg X
Tear General Tear General.jpeg X
General Minion General Minion.jpeg X
Miner's Problem (Minion) Miner's Problem (Minion).jpeg X
Miner's Problem (Brute) Miner's Problem (Brute).jpeg X
Miner's Problem (Wizard) Miner's Problem (Mage).jpeg X
Darkness Master Darkness Master.jpeg X
Elite Tear Minion Elite Tear Minion.jpeg X
Elite Tear Wizard Elite Tear Wizard.jpeg X
Enraged Tear Brute Enraged Tear Brute.jpeg X
Enraged Tear Wizard Enraged Tear Wizard.jpeg X
Enraged Tear Caster Enraged Tear Caster.jpeg X
Midnight Warg Midnight Warg.jpeg X X
Spiked Pistoler Scav Spiked Pistoler Scav.jpeg X
Void Brute Void Brute.jpeg X
Enraged Tear Minion Enraged Tear Minion.jpeg X
Scav Giant
Scav Giant.jpeg X
Bear Bear.jpeg X X
Cub Cub.jpeg X X
Assassin Scav Assassin Scav.jpeg X
Pistoler Scav PistolerScav.jpeg X
Marksman Scav Marksman Scav.jpeg X
Scav Knight Scav Knight.jpeg X
Tohmain Tohmain.jpeg X