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A shard dungeon is a more difficult variant of an existing dungeon with enemies at or above level 30. Additionally, upon using a shard a 30 minute timer will start and a completion percentage will be displayed. If both bosses are defeated and enough enemies are killed to complete the dungeon within the time limit the shard will gain a level. If the dungeon is completed in less than 15 minutes the shard will gain 2 levels. If the timer hits 0 before both boss chests have spawned and 100% completion the shard will go down 2 levels and disappear if below level 1. Shards dungeons range in difficulty from tier 1-15 based on the shard used to invoke them and provide different tiers of rewards based on difficulty. Dungeons can be completed after the time has elapsed to still gain loot but mob groups respawn after an hour and may need to be recleared to reach the boss.

The shard returned at the end of the dungeon and all gear dropped are temporarily tradable between party members while still within the shard. Gear above one's level will apply stats equal to gear of the character level in addition to the + bonus and will scale as they level. ex: 30+2 gun used by a lvl 18 scoundrel counts as a 18+2 (lvl 20) gun.

Shard Tier Gear Bonus Style
1-3 +1 Shard Style A
4-7 +2 Shard Style A
7-9 +3 Shard Style B
10 +4 Shard Style B
11-12 +4 Shard Style C
13-15 +5 Shard Style C

+3 or higher Weapons will have affixes(link here)

Any legendary weapon that drops in a level 15 shard is a +6

Shards are dropped by bosses in unsharded dungeons. Shards will only appear in boss chests if the currently equipped class upon boss death is level 30 and there are no shards in the players inventory. Shards can be accumulated by a player if they are stored in the player house before starting each dungeon. 2 shards will drop in a dungeon if a player waits to open both boss chests until both bosses are dead.


Shard Pedestal.jpg

In addition to the timer shard dungeons also have mutations which greatly increase the difficulty of the dungeon.

Minor mutations remain active during boss fights while Major and Brutal Mutations do not unless otherwise stated. All major and brutal mutations rotate each week and remain constant across all shards for that week.

Shard Tier Minor Major Brutal
1-3 1 0 0
4-6 2 0 0
7-9 2 1 0
10 2 1 1
11-12 2 2 1
13-14 3 3 1
15 3 3 2
Minor Mutations
Mutation Effect Notes
Aggressive Increased enemy basic attack speed
Alert Doubled enemy aggro range Can cause enemies to aggro through walls
Dumbfounded Reduced ultimate charge rate
Indecisive Less threat generation
Mobile Doubled enemy movement speed
Strong Willed 3% reduced magical damage
Thick Skinned 3% reduced physical damage
Unprepared Initial attack does 25% increased damage
Proceeding attacks do 10% reduced damage
The initial attack means the attack that agroed the mob, if it was already agroed there is no damage boost.
Break It all interruptible attacks require an additional interrupt Does not affect bosses
Difficult to Dodge Enemy Projectile hitboxes are bigger
Hot Foot Standing still for more than 3 seconds applies a damage over time to players Continuing to stand still stacks the debuff
Any registerable movement resets the timer
Weakened Everyone takes X% more damage
Afflicted Currently Broken and does nothing
Major Mutations
Mutation Effect Notes
Vindictive Enemies that die give a 10% damage boost to nearby allies
Last Stand Below 30% health, enemies do 200% damage
Discontent Killed enemies drop poison pools Pool damage scales with enemy difficulty and elite pools deal more damage
Layered pools stack damage
Unstable Killed enemies explode, damaging everything Enemies have a 2 second fuse before exploding
Sickness You attack can proc healing debuffs on you
Stacks up to 5 times
Virus a random player in your party is poisoned. every time the poison runs out a new random player is chosen the poison is not removed by entering a boss fight and will continue to damage the player but will not be reapplied after it has run out
Reaction Test Red sparkles spawn near engaged mobs and poison players near them if they're not killed Does negligible damage and can be ignored
Sparkles drop items like normal enemies
On Your Toes Purple rings spawn below players that damage players standing in them Does negligible damage and can be ignored
Powered Strikes Increased projectile damage
Wild Creatures Enemies randomly switch aggro every 20 seconds
Infection Enemy DoTs do more damage
Back Bug Every 15 seconds a Back bug appears on a random players back that greatly damages them over time and must be physically removed by another player Remains active during boss fights
Brutal Mutations
Mutation Effect Notes
Resurrection Enemies have a 20% chance to resurrect with full health on death Resurrected enemies cannot resurrect a second time
Resurrected enemies only count towards % completion after they have been killed a second time
Shared Pain Player deaths cause all players to take damage equal to half their max hp Unbending can prevent dying
Reflective Strikes Enemies will gain shield that reflects damage done to them Only one enemy can have a shield at a time