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The journal carries essential information from your travels around the world of OrbusVR. To access your journal, grab the compass off your toolbelt and flip it over. Your journal will appear and you can then either turn pages from the corners or use the green tab icons to quickly page over to sections. All non-quest pages are permanent additions to your journal.


The journal has tabs for quick access to the information within. Note that information you look for may be most quickly accessed by picking the next tab and paging backwards.


All of your active quests will appear in the in the first pages of your journal. Your current progress for each quest is noted and objectives, although sometimes vague, are noted in the quest pages. When a quest is fully completed, the corresponding page will be removed from your journal and all pages after it will move up.


Any runemage spells for which you have found the rune on a pillar in the world will be recorded in your journal if you wave it though the pillar. The first few can be found in Tinny's cave where you receive your first wand. High level 3-dimensional spells are not recoded however, so make mental notes of those when you discover them.


Some of the zones have been mapped out and may be recorded in your journal as well. There are currently in-game maps for the first four zones: Highsteppe, Midlands, Rainforest, and Desert. The in-game maps are attained through progression in the main story line. Other partial maps created by the community exist as well and some may be found in the world maps page. Each map portion depicts a 1 square kilometer section of the game.


Recipes found through quests and exploration will likewise be stored in your journal. They include all the necessary information - resources, when to add them, and in what order - to create the object they refer to. This includes recipes for potions, dyes, and artificing tiles.


The journal also keeps track of every fish you catch. Upon catching a new fish, a journal page will be added to track it. Subsequent catches of a fish will be tracked and a lifetime tally, as well as maximum weight caught for a specific fish will be show on its journal page. Fish do not have their own tab, so they technically fall under the recipes tab at the end.

Class Guides

A guide to each class (excepting spells from the Runemage class) detailing class abilities.