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Fishing in OrbusVR Reborn is an an activity you can perform to obtain potion making materials. Missions are provided for this activity courtesy of Chef Lethrow in Highsteppe.

To fish, you will need a fishing rod (sold by Chef Lethrow), fishing lures (made in the Player House or obtained by trading with other players), and a general idea of where to fish and what lures to use for each kind of fish. Fishing at its core is relatively simple: equip the fishing rod and fishing lure into your tool slots, cast your line, and begin reeling. If you see the cast lure bob in the water (or feel the additional haptic feedback), pull up with your rod to hook the fish. From then, you will need to lure more carefully to prevent the line snapping - as it turns from white to red while reeling, it gets closer to snapping; laying off the reeling will let the line slacken slightly and it will return to white.

Standard Fish

All standard fish only require 1 lure component, rotten Finger and/or Feather can be used to increase the catch rate of some fish.

Icon Name Lure
Axolotl.png Axolotl Small Tooth
Cloakfish.png Cloak Fish Lesser Eye
Clownfish.png Clown Fish Bloody Flesh
Shark.png Dwarf Shark Eye Worm
Bass.png Green Bellied Bass Small Tooth or Small Tongue
Catfish.png Katyharan Catfish Small Tooth
Minnow.png Large Minnow Small Tooth or Small Tongue
Phoenix.png Phoenix Fish Shiny Metal
Ridgeback.png Ridgeback Piranha Large Minnow
Eel.png Saddled Lion Eel Blue Scales
Spiralback.png Spiralback Snail Blue Scales
Sunfish.png Sunfish Lesser Eye, Small Tongue or Large Minnow

Legendary Fish

All legendary fish require multiple lure components and follow a set spawn pattern which can be tracked, however they also have secondary requirements on top of the spawn pattern.

Icon Name Lure Requirements
Blimp.png Blimp Fish Shiny Metal and Large Minnow No Flounder and No Rain
Kylakin.png Kylakin Bloody Flesh, Eyeworm and Snake Bits No Flounder and No Rain
Frosted Perch.png Frosted Perch Bloody Flesh and Blue Scales Rain
Jelmiry.png Jelmiry Snake Bits, Fat Fly and Shiny Metal Rain
Damage.png Da Magestic Flounder Bloody Flesh, Eyeworm and Shiny Metal Clear Sky

Legendary fish rotations/spawn patterns explanation by Potâto:

Location Charts

See World Maps for locations.

Lure Farming

Lure Best Locations Recommended Mob
Small Tongue Highsteppe Deer
Lesser Eye Rainforest Boar
Small Tooth Highsteppe Fox
Feathers Highsteppe
Tear Monsters
Blue Scales Lamavora
Tear Monsters
Large Minnow Multiple Must be fished
Rotten Finger Wastelands
Shiny Metal Rainforest Boar
Eye Worm Lamavora
Elite Tear Minions
Bloody Flesh Wastelands

Stat Bonuses

Luck: Gives a small percent chance to receive two fish at once upon a successful catch

Intellect: Increases the likelihood of getting nibble notifications when not catching a fish

Strength: Decreases fish movement while hooked and being reeling in

Video Tutorial on Fishing

OrbusVR: How to Fish Efishently by PKIllusion1 (Mishka)