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Cosmetic Shop.jpeg

The player menu contains an option to open the in-game cosmetic shop, which sells various cosmetics such as pets, tools, or clothing. These items are listed below.

Note that clothing purchases from the cosmetic shop will need to be destroyed to obtain the transmogrification appearance before they can be used. Pets and tools should not be destroyed, but can be re-obtained (along with all other purchases) once per character via the Backer Rewards npc.

See Cosmetics for a directory of cosmetics that are not within the cosmetic shop.


Item Image Slot Price
Western Hat WesternHat.png Head $3.99
Miner Hat MinerHat.png Head $3.99
Top Hat TopHat.png Head $3.99


Item Image Model Slot Price
Windup Reaver Pet BeaverReaver.png BeaverReaverModel.png Pet $6.99
Pet Donkey PetDonkey.png Pet Donkey Model.png Pet $6.99
Pet Lizard LizardPet.png Pet Lizard Model.png Pet $6.99


Item Image Model Slot Price
Sparkle Gun ConfettiGun.png ConfettiGunModel.png Tool $4.99
Boot Portkey FlotationDevice.png Boot Portkey Model.png Tool $3.99
Harvester 4 Harvester4.png Harvester 4 Model.png Tool $3.99
Selfie Bot 4 SelfieBot4.png Super Selfie Cam Model.png Tool $3.99


Item Image Slot Price
Steampunk Mount SteamPunkMount.png Mounts $9.99
Nimbus Cloud Mount StormCloudMount.png Mounts $9.99
Cauldron Mount Mount cauldron.png Mounts $9.99