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Armor sets in Orbus come in four parts: Head, Chest, Shoulder, and Hands. Armor also comes in three types: Cloth, Leather, and Plate.

Individual pieces are dropped at random from opened chests or slaying monsters. At this time, all armor in the game is soul-bound and cannot be traded with other players, excepting armor dropped in Shard Dungeons, which can be traded within the group during the shard.


Cloth armor can only be worn by Runemages, Shaman, or Bards

The armor stat for cloth will be equal to 10 x Level + Base

List of Cloth Armor


Leather armor can only be worn by Rangers, Musketeers, or Scoundrels

The armor stat for leather will be equal to 15 x Level + Base

List of Leather Armor


Plate armor can only be worn by Warriors or Paladins

The armor stat for plate will be equal to 25 x Level + Base

List of Plate Armor

Cosmetic / Transmog

You can also purchase various cosmetic only gear that you can use to change or transmog the appearance of your armor.

Cosmetic Shop


Throughout the game your may also be given, win, or purchase various capes.
These capes do not add any stats, but do show your awesome accomplishments and style.


Armor Stats

All Armor pieces have stats for armor and durability.
Higher tier armor may come with additional buffs for vitality and defense.


Beginner no affix
no added stat
Uncommon 1 Affix
no added stat
Rare 1 Affix
added vitality
Epic 2 Affixes
added vitality and defense


Most Armor will come with a random affix that may grant some bonus to another stat

Projectile Damage +1% 
Your projectiles - like arrows, spells, or bullets - gain a buff.
DoT Damage +1% 
Increases damage done for each tick of your Damage-over-Time (DoT) attacks.
Super Charge Rate +1% 
Charges your Super Ability faster.
XP Gain +1%
Buffs the XP you gain from kills or turning in missions.
Incomming Crit Damage -1% 
This will decrease the damage you take from an incoming critical hit.
Crit Chance +1% 
Increases the likelihood that your hit may be critical.
Crit Damage +2% 
Increases the damage done by your critical hits.