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Primary Roll: Tank
Armor Type: Plate
Weapon: Sword
Equipment: Shield


Warriors are the toughest fighters in the realm, capable of standing up to punishing blows and protecting their allies from any danger. They can throw their sword to traverse great distances quickly to come to the aid of an ally in need, and their shield provides a barrier against even the most brutal attacks

Truly skilled defenders can project a force barrier that can protect everyone around them from crushing blows. Keeping a wary eye on the entire battlefield, they direct the flow of combat to ensure that allies with the greatest need receive the greatest protection.

The Warrior... while they don't have as many raw skills to choose from, is much more concerned with their positioning on the battlefield, controlling the flow of the fight via stuns and taunts, and defending allies with their shield. They have to be much more aware of the entire fight and all enemies on the battlefield. It's less about 'which skill do I use?' and more about 'what's going on over there with my friend and how do I help them?'

How to fight

Sword: Using the sword is straightforward -- just swing it and hit stuff! The amount of damage that the sword will do is based on the distance the sword travels between strikes and the force with which you swing it. So "waggling" the sword around on the enemy will be less effective.

Shield: Your shield has its own health pool that's equivalent to your base hit points. So it effectively doubles your health. If your shield is between yourself and a monster, then the basic attacks of that monster will be blocked by your shield. If your shield runs out of hit points, it will temporarily "break", (turning red). At this point it will not block attacks. Effectively using your shield to block attacks in-between your own strikes is vital to surviving as a Warrior. note warrior comes with two shield. A smaller round shield has less protection but allows for higher melee damage. The large shield reduces your outgoing damage, but can withstand much more damage before it breaks.



In addition to basic swings, you can execute Combo Moves, which are special sequences of strikes that do something extra.
The 3 "moves" that you need to know about are:

  • Up  : which is an upward-direction swing. Swing from the bottom of an enemy to the top in a mostly vertical motion.
  • Right  : which is a rightward-direction swing. Swing from left to right in a mostly horizontal motion.
  • Left  : which is a leftward-direction swing. Swing from right to left in a mostly horizontal motion.

By pairing these moves together in different ways, you can execute combos while attacking an enemy. The current combos available to you are:

  • Provoke: ⇦ ⇨ ⇧ This is a move which generates additional threat on the target. Use it on your primary target when you're tanking for a group.
  • Cleave: ⇨ ⇧ ⇧ ⇦ This is a move which damages a group of enemies in front of you. Use it when you are wanting to do the most damage to a large group.
  • Wound: ⇦ ⇧ ⇦ ⇨ This is a move which does an additional burst of damage to your target. Use it when soloing or when you feel like you've got plenty of threat on your target.
  • Hamstring: ⇧ ⇨ ⇦ ⇧ This is a move which greatly slows an enemy.

The combo attack system is very flexible and allows you to develop your own rhythm and patterns that you will find yourself falling back on while attacking targets and surveying the battlefield.

Charged Strike

After completing a successful combo, you can charge an attack that will repeat the combo with increased potency by holding your sword at your side, pointing away from you, or behind you. You will hear a sound when it is charged. You can repeat this with longer charge time after each strike.

Sword Rush

Sword Rush is a key part of your ability as a Warrior to get around the battlefield quickly. To use it, just point your sword at an enemy. If it's in range you will see them highlighted in yellow. The pull the Trigger button to rush forward and put yourself in melee range of the enemy. You can also use Sword Rush to teleport to friendly party members.

Shield Bash : Interrupt

You can hit an enemy with your shield to stun them for a shot period. This will also Interrupt certain attacks.

Warrior Horn

On your belt, you will find a silver horn. Grab this sword with your shield hand and bring it up near your lips to blow a stirring Battle Cry. This produces an area-of-effect where all allies will receive a shield, and all enemies will be taunted, which means that they will immediately attack you instead of whoever they were attacking. It's a great tool to use to save the day when your party members are getting overrun by monsters!

Super Ability: Fortify

Your Super Ability is Fortify. When triggered, this ability hardens the Warrior against attacks, greatly increasing their armor for a short period of time. It also fully regenerates your shield immediately (including if it was broken). This ability is very handy for navigating tough encounters when you might need an extra boost of toughness to take on a fight that you don't fully know yet, or just helping out your healer when they don't have the best orb for a situation ready to go.

To use your Super, just press both of the Trigger buttons on your controllers at the same time when your Super bar (the yellow bar above your health bar) is full. The Warrior generates super to fill their super bar by striking enemies and executing combo moves.


The Warrior's two paths are the Templar, which focuses on improved mobility and excels in group content, and the Berserker, which greatly increases the Warrior's damage output.

Templar Berserker
Righteousness: Your Provoke Combo heals you for a small amount. Rage: Your Wound combo causes the target to Bleed for additional damage.
Improved Slam: Enemies stunned by your Shield Bash take increased damage from all sources for a short time.. Shield Spike: Enemies stunned by your Shield Bash become weak to your basic strikes and Wound combo for a short time.
Improved Rush: Your Sword Rush ability now has two charges and can be used to rush to allies as well as enemies, but charges twice as slowly. Intimidate: After using your Sword Rush ability, gain a buff which increases your Critical Strike chance by 25% for 3 seconds
Blessing of Protection: Raise your sword high into the air, gaining a temporary shield which will absorb damage equivalent to your currently lost health, for up to 5 seconds. Can be used once every 60 seconds. Blessing of Might: Raise your sword high into the air, granting a boost to yourself and nearby allies which increases your damage by 15% for 10 seconds. Can be used once every 60 seconds.
Over Heal: Any healing you receive while at full health will be partially transferred to your shield. Counter Attack: Blocking an attack with your shield instantly charges your shield with the previous combo you completed(5 second cooldown)

List of weapons

Potential spoilers. Click Here to view

Weapon Picture Rarity Source
Beginner Sword BeginnerSword.png Uncommon Starter item
Forged Blade ForgedSword.png Uncommon Normal Monsters
(Level 1+)
Embattled Striker StrikerSword.png Rare Normal Monsters
(Level 8+)
Chaotic Blade ChaoticSword.png Rare
Ma'at's Justice MaatsSword.png Epic Shard Dungeons
Serrated Song SerratedSword.png Legendary Tradu Mines
Shard Dungeons

Artificing for Warriors

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Relevant Tiles

Tile Picture Warrior Meaning Recipe (Finish all when blue)
A Tile A.png Wound Knight's Tear and Nahomium and Obsidian
When green Grathorp
D Tile D.png Cleave Cryejil and Knight's tear
When yellow, Knight's Tear, When green, Cryejil
J Tile J.png Provoke Obsidian and Linstanium
When green, Linstanium and Nahomium
o Tile oo.png Hamstring Nahomium and Grathorp
When Green, Obsidian and Nahomium
M Tile M.png Slow (approx. 2 hits per second). Nahomium X 2
When yelow, Cryejil
When red, Obsidian
N Tile N.png Medium (approx. 3 hits per second). Cryejil and Obsidian
When turquoise, Nahomium and Knights Tear
P Tile P.png Fast (approx. 4 hits per second). Nahomium x 2
When turquoise, Obsidian and Linstanium
Q Tile Q.png Fastest (approx. 5 hits per second). Knight's tear, Nahomium, Obsidian and Nahomium


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