Salvaging Missions

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Salvaging Missions can be obtained from Whisper, the Salvaging Mission Vendor.

Mission Level Mission Text Notes
8 Chef is looking to create a feast, or what passes for one these days, to celebrate. Harvest any herb near Highsteppe to complete this mission.
9 Another way to earn Dram is to break down duplicate gear, and sell the Shards to the Apprentice Smith. Break down old gear to complete this mission.
11 There are valuable items for sale inside of Highsteppe, but Dram is required to buy them. Earn some dram by selling harvestables, breaking down gear, or selling on the Auction House.
13 There are more herbs growing in the Realm than can be found near Highsteppe. Go to the Flooded Rainforest and collect this list of harvestables. Reedflute x10
Blade Cactus x6
14 There is Dram to be made! Hurry out and earn some of it.
16 Venture down into the Crypt Dungeon, but go adequately prepared! Imbibe Healing Potions while inside the dungeon.
17 There are many potions to craft, but they require ingredients to create them! Head into the Flooded Rainforest and gather the Blade Cactus that grows around the Bedouin camp.
19 There are many ores used in the magick of Artificing. Gather Linstanium at the Essence Crystal cave in the Lamavora Battlefield.
20 Venture into the Lamavora Battlefield to harvest the herbs that grow there.
23 It is said that an empire can be built on a single Dram. Of course, it helps to have more. Earn Dram to complete this mission.
24 Head into the Wastelands and harvest any herbs that grow there.
25 There were many things hidden around the Realm after the wars, though most of the fighting was on the Lamavora Battlefieds. Venture there, and consume an Ithecac potion to see what might remain.
26 Continue playing the Markets to earn even more Dram.
27 Prepare to enter the Shard Dungeons, where mutated creatures dwell. Runesight potions allow Artificers to enhance gear customized for the wearer.
28 Head to the Wastelands and harvest any of the herbs that grow there, but be wary of the Skavs that guard them!
29 It is said that Ruined Potions can cause many different and interesting effects. Experiment by drinking some within the safe confines of Highsteppe.