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The Ruins of Guild City

The Ruins of Guild City Normal raid is accessible via the Activity Menu or through the door in the back of the Obnobi Bedouin Camp Cave. The raid features five bosses, each increasing in difficulty of mechanics and/or stats. There is currently only a Normal mode for the raid, with Hard mode promised for later release, tuned for approximately level 30+1 (T1) and 30+4(T4), respectively.

HardRaid Warning.png

Name Picture Major Mechanics Drops
Clockwork Hunter Clockwork Hunter.jpeg Large AOE
Empowering Beam
Poison Pool Add Spawns
Gloves (+2)
Raid Glove Token
Broken Knight Broken Knight.jpeg Adds
Enrage Buffs
Pot Tank Pot Tank.jpeg Line Attacks
Exploding Balls
Buffing Adds
Stacking Heal Debuff
5-Min Enrage Timer
Chest (+2)
Raid Chest Token
Seamstress Seamstress.jpeg Split Adds
Resurrecting Adds
Induction Timer
Empowered Valusia Warrior Empowered Valusia Warrior.jpeg Safety Pools
Shield and Ballista
Tank "buff"
Stacking Heal Debuff
Kamikaze Adds
Weapons (+2)
Raid Weapon Token