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Primary Roll: Support
Armor Type: Leather
Weapon: Musket
Equipment: Orbs + Turret


The careful study of alchemical properties, combined with creative tinkering and the use of runes, has led to a new weapon: the musket. The Musketeer can fire a straight shot, and augment his weapon with runic orbs which provide harmful and beneficial effects to their enemies and allies.

The most powerful Musketeers can use the range of their orb explosions to damage or heal many targets at once. They also deploy their floating turret to guard them, or sacrifice it to further increase the range of their effects.

How to fight

The Musketeer is a gun-based class which focuses on buffs and debuffs, as well as healing, that can be used by loading the gun with special orbs.

You can fire the gun by just aiming and pulling the trigger. It will fire a basic shot upon release of the trigger.

The core of the Musketeer gameplay is the use of Orbs which they can load into their gun to give their shots special additional effects. To load an orb, just use your other controller that looks like a Hand to grab (using the Grip button) an orb floating around the gun, then bring the orb near the end of the barrel (the opening) of the gun. It will "load" the gun with the orb, then you can fire it like normal.

Each of the orbs acts like a mini-grenade, so it has a small range from where it explodes. So for example if you have a group of enemies you can hit all of them with a single Poison orb. Feel free to aim for the ground instead of the enemy itself as well

The current Orbs available to you include:


Renew: Provides a heal over time effect for a moderate period of time. Has a very short cooldown. This is your bread-and-button healing orb, as it will frequently be available. However, since the healing it does occurs slowly over time, you have to use it effectively and make sure that you don't fall behind the healing needs of your party, or you'll find that your heals take too long to work to save them.

Orb Heal.png

Cure Wounds: Provides a large heal immediately. However, the cooldown is nearly twice as long as that of Renew, so this orb will need to be reserved for key moments in the fight such as area of effect attacks. The cooldown is currently 12s.

Orb Shield.png

Shield: Places a shield on your allies that absorbs a moderate amount of damage, but the shield lasts only a short time before expiring. The key to this orb is knowing the fight; the shield is powerful but it only lasts a short time, so you need to use it at the right moment to mitigate the maximum amount of damage. Has a medium cooldown, so you can use it more often than Cure Wounds.

Orb Decurse.png

Decurse: Removes a negative status effect ("debuff") from your party members. Like all of your other abilities, this can affect multiple targets at once if your group is well-positioned, which will be key for some fights. The cooldown is currently 4s.

Orb Poison.png

Poison: An offensive orb that places a damage over time effect on your enemies. Shares the same stacking counter as the Ranger's Poison Arrow, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Orb Frost.png

Impact: An offensive orb which can do a large amount of damage to a single target or split the same damage across multiple targets. Damage is increased by 50% in conjunction with Weakness. Cooldown is 10s.

Orb Gravity.png

Gravity: An offensive orb which creates a gravity well where it strikes, pulling in nearby monsters and briefly stunning them. If used effectively, this can be a great tool for setting up awesome combo moves with your other orbs to apply status effects to lots of creatures at once, as well as helping your party members do additional damage as well. Shares diminishing returns with other CC abilities, including the Runemage's Pushback and Polymorph spells. It also applies a brief slow effect to all enemies that are hit.

Orb Weakness.png

Weakness: An offensive orb which weakens enemies to increase damage dealt to them for a short period of time. Time this well with your other party members for maximum damage. The affected creatures will take 5% increased damage from all sources and 20% from the Musketeer.

Orb Lifewell.png

Lifewell: No longer an orb, this base ability is still loaded like one, and places an area of effect on the ground where it strikes that lasts for a moderate period of time. Allies who stand in the area will heal damage. It's vital that your teammates work with you to get the maximum healing out of this ability; it's on a long cooldown, but if used effectively it's by far the largest healing you can do.

Each orb has its own cooldown, so for example if you use a Poison orb, that orb will not be available until its cooldown has expired and it regenerates.

Equipping Orbs

To choose which orbs you take into combat, open your Inventory screen, then simply equip the orbs from your inventory into the boxes next to the weapon slot (where your gun is). You can equip up to 4 orbs at once. Note that you cannot change your equipment (and therefore your orb loadout) when you are in combat.


In addition to the orbs on the gun, you have a 'turret' orb on your belt. To use it, just grab it using your Hand controller and then throw it up into the air. It will fly for a second and then start floating in the air. Once it is deployed it can be moved by grabbing the blue translucent copy and throwing that to a new location.

Damage Mode

By default, the turret is in Damage Mode. The turret will automatically attack any enemies that you attack or that start attacking you that are in its range.

Healing Mode

The other turret mode is Healing Mode. During this mode, the turret will automatically provide a small heal to the closest target who is most in need of healing.

Switching Modes

To switch your turret between Damage and Healing mode, just grab it and pull the trigger before throwing it into the air. The turret will automatically stay in the last mode it was in when it regenerates on your belt, and will remain in the last mode it was in after logging out and back in.

Sacrificing Your Turret

Currently inaccurate but may return If you fire an orb from your gun and hit your turret, your turret will be destroyed, but the range of the orb will be greatly magnified. This can be really useful for healing your whole group or damaging a large number of enemies -- just make sure you don't upset too many of them! Your turret orb regenerates on your belt after about 12 seconds.

Musketeer Super: Overcharge

The Musketeer's Super ability is Overcharge. When activated, the Musketeer's orbs regenerate at a much higher rate for a short period of time. In addition, any orbs which were not available at the time the super is activated will regenerate instantly. So you can use all of your orbs, hit your super ability, and then use them all again. It's a great way to get a super burst of damage or healing when you need it most. The Musketeer generates super energy by hitting targets with their orbs.

To use your super, just press both of the Trigger buttons on your controllers when your Super bar (the yellow bar under your health bar) is full.

Musketeer Battle Resurrection

Once every 20 minutes, the Musketeer can shoot their deployed Turret with a Lifewell to initiate a Battle Resurrection. The closest dead player to the Turret will be resurrected, even if the Musketeer is currently in combat. Note that a Reagant is still required to perform the resurrection, and each player can only be resurrected once every 10 minutes, on a shared cooldown with the Runemage resurrection ability.

If your resurrection is available to use, your Lifewell will glow with a yellow effect to indicate it is capable of resurrecting a fallen ally.


The Musketeer's two paths are Lightbringer and Turret Master. The Musketeer can choose to double-down on their healing ability, with additional tools in their toolbox for aiding their allies, or they can choose to focus on increasing their Turret's capabilities, leading to additional mobility and options for increasing damage.

Lightbringer Turret Master
Improved Renew: Your Renew orb's effect lasts for an additional 2 seconds Improved Poison: Your Poison orb's effect lasts for an additional 2 seconds
Improved Lifewell: The radius and duration of your Lifewell is increased by 20% Speedy: When your Turret expires, all allies within 20 meters gain a 100% speed boost for 4 seconds
Curative Shield: Your shield orb now does a small amount of healing immediately Explosive Shield: Your shield orb will now explode, dealing a small amount of damage to enemies within 4 meters
Beacon of Light: Whenever you heal an ally with Cure Wounds, your nearby allies with Renew active gain 25% of the healing done Charged Orb: Hitting an enemy with an orb fired from a charged shot will increase its range
All For One: Players standing in your lifewell have their Cure Wounds healing increased by 50% One For All: Holding your turret for 2s before deploying will supercharge it, double its attack/healing and increasing its range by 5m at the expense of half the musketeer's health

The Light's Blessing talent should be pretty self-explanatory, as it allows you to have great synergy going between your Renew and Cure Greater Wounds orbs. Now you'll have more of a strategic reason to use Renew on some targets and not others, to ensure they're always gaining additional health.

move to standard features: The Empowered Turret talent changes the interaction between your Turret and your orbs. Now when you shoot your Turret with an orb, rather than exploding the Turret and increasing the range of the orb, the Turret will absorb the orb, gaining additional effects.

  • Cure Greater Wounds: Increases the base healing of your Turret.
  • Renew: Adds a Renew effect every time your Turret heals a target.
  • Poison: Adds a Poison effect every time your Turret damages a target.

Note that in addition to this, if your Turret is in "healing mode" and you shoot it with a damage-based orb, it will also gain the ability to damage targets, and switch between healing and damaging randomly. The same goes for shooting a healing-based orb at a damage-mode turret.

List of Weapons

Potential spoilers. Click Here to view

Weapon Picture Rarity Source
Beginner Musket BeginnerMusket.png Uncommon Starter item
B-381 B-381.png Uncommon Normal Monsters
(Level 1+)
C-71A C-71A.png Rare Normal Monsters
(Level 8+)
G-889.png Rare
"The Bone Dragon"
BoneGun.png Epic Tradu Mines
Shard Dungeons
IceheartGun.png Legendary Shard Dungeons

Artificing for Musketeers

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Relevant Tiles

Tile Picture Musketeer Meaning General Meaning Recipe (Finish all when blue)
A Tile A.png Weakness Orb Knight's Tear and Nahomium and Obsidian
When green Grathorp
C Tile C.png Cure Wounds Orb Nahomium and Grathorp and Cryejil
when turquoise, Cryejil
J Tile J.png Decurse Orb
Shield Orb
Obsidian and Linstanium
When green, Linstanium and Nahomium
M Tile M.png Normal Shot Nahomium X 2
When yelow, Cryejil
When red, Obsidian
o Tile oo.png Poison Orb Nahomium and Grathorp
When Green, Obsidian and Nahomium
g Tile gg.png Default Shot Rate Shortest Delay Obsidian and Linstanium
When red, Obsidian and Grathorp
i Tile ii.png Medium Delay Knight's Tear and Grathorp
When turquoise, Obsidian and Linstanium
n Tile nn.png Long Delay Grathorp and Obsidian
When yellow, Linstanium and Cryejil
s Tile ss.png Longer Delay Knight's Tear and Linstanium
When red, Nahomium and Obsidian
t Tile tt.png Longest Delay (~6 seconds), or start of combat Cryejil x 3
When green,Grathorp


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