Marcell Cenn

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Name: Marcell Rinro’ja Cenn

Title: Barron

Gender: Male

Age: 63

Occupation: Farmer, Land Barron, Poet

Culture: A citizen of the Parathime Canal

Background: Marcell Cenn is a man of many talents. Born into an aristocratic family in the beautiful nation of Parathime, he grew up in the capital of Canal City and studied poetry and high literature at the University of La’fure. A Romantic at heart, Marcell was quite the lady’s man in his younger days, gaining a reputation far and wide as a Don Juan kind of character. However hedonistic Marcel was, he always made certain to indulge the philanthropist inside, by using his family’s immense wealth to better the poorest areas of his country. Marcell immigrated to Patreayl in his late 40s after being gifted by his father’s will - a single packet of Parathime’s rarest resource - a peculiar breed of sunflower that when its leaves and petals are dried, makes a deliciously floral tobacco which then gets rolled into cigars. Sunflower Cigars have long been a precious luxury item of the extremely rich. Marcell had a mind for business and saw in his dreams a farming empire in which he could maximize the output of sunflower tobacco at half the cost and sell it to the greater public instead of just the super wealthy. As expected, the aristocracy of Parathime did not take kindly to the symbol of their wealth and status being given to the poor, and as a result, Marcell was forced to leave the country and follow his dreams elsewhere. Over the years Marcell’s empire grew and his reputation as a jolly, hopeless romantic and poet grew amongst the people of Patreayl until he became something of a celebrated figure. In his 60s, Marcell never married, but did end up with a daughter through one of his many trysts, whom he named Bell and loves dearly. Bell is now an adult herself and helps on the farm.

Present Situation: Marcell is still his loveable self, living in his mansion-esque farmhouse on the outskirts of Highsteppe. He is getting on in age however, and with that comes all sorts of issues, the main one that he is primarily housebound due to an increasingly bad back.