Helga Sarrow

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Name: Helga Sarrow

Title/s: First Explorer Sarrow

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Occupation: Explorer

Culture: Patreaylin of the Frosted Spit

Background: A strong and independent woman, Helga Sarrow was born and bred among the well-weathered people of the Frosted Spit, a peninsular of land that sticks out into the frozen ocean of the Bay of Two Souls. The youngest daughter of a popular tavern owner and his seamstress wife. Helga was always getting herself into trouble through her inquisitive nature. As much as she was an adventurous little girl, she was also a studious one, spending as much time with her nose in books as she spent exploring the icy tundra with her older brother surrounding their home. All throughout her childhood, she dreamed of leaving Frosted Spit, joining the Explorer’s League and travelling the world, discovering new places and learning new things. At eighteen, she finally got that chance, her father and mother had been saving their pennies all her life so that they could afford to send her to the Lamavora Frontier, to the base of operations for the Explorer’s League, where she could prove herself and earn a membership with them. Helga journeyed across country with a Caravan of Lamavora Gypsies on their way home, performing in their travelling show for a space to sleep. Upon arriving she went through the explorer’s trials and quickly rose to become a well-known and intelligent leader. At just 24, her fellows voted unanimously that Helga carried the spirit of Leisa Varathorn, and made her the First Explorer, responsible for the whole League.

Present Situation: Helga is currently with her League in the Lamavora Frontier exploring an old mine that has been hidden for centuries within a luscious forest. Helga tends to be very dedicated to her explorations, never wandering far from her current work.