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Dyes allow you to change the color of your various armor pieces. There are two types of dyes at this time:

  • Major Will apply to most areas of the armor and cover un-dyed accent region as well. (Note: some features cannot be dyed at all.)
  • Accent Will only apply to a smaller, predefined pattern area of the armor, unique to each armor set.

Dyes are single use but can also be traded or sold in the auction house. To use a dye, go to your inventory, select the dye and then select the piece of armor you wish to apply it to. Note that you must be wearing the piece of armor (though it does not have to match your current class).

Given variations in color reproduction of screens, and in-game lighting changes, colors may appear different.

Major Dyes

Dye Item Name Color Source Cost
Crimson Major Dye CrimsonPrim.png "Crypt dungeon" Crypt
Brick Major Dye BrickPrim.png NPC Vendor
Reward Chests
500 Highsteppe
Terracotta Major Dye TerracottaPrim.png Crafted -
Toffee Major Dye ToffeePrim.png Crafted -
Tangerine Major Dye TangerinePrim.png
Pumpkin Major Dye PumpkinPrim.png "Sewer dungeon" Sewers
Dram Major Dye DramPrim.png NPC Vendor 25,000 Highsteppe
Bee Major Dye BeePrim.png Pistoler Scav
"Elite Chaos"
~? Kills (?%) Wastelands
Lamavora Battlegrounds
Wheat Major Dye WheatPrim.png NPC Mission Vendor? ? Highsteppe
Lime Major Dye LimePrim.png Enraged Scavs Wastelands
Forest Major Dye ForestPrim.png NPC Vendor 500 Highsteppe
Emerald Major Dye EmrldPrim.png Reward Chests
Seafoam Major Dye SeafoamPrim.png Crafted -
Perrywinkle Major Dye PerrywinklePrim.png Reward Chests
Sarrow's Cave
Navy Blue Major Dye NavyPrim.png Reward Chests
Midnight Blue Major Dye MidnightBluePrim.png Marlowe ? Highsteppe
Lavender Major Dye LavanderPrim.png NPC Vendor 500 Highsteppe
Taffey Major Dye TaffeyPrim.png Void Caster ~? Kills (?%) Hulthine's Basin
Brown Sugar Major Dye BrownSugarPrim.png NPC Vendor
Reward Chests
500 Highsteppe
Taupe Major Dye TaupePrim.png Enraged Scav Knight
Enraged Stafrusher
Enraged Stafrage
~? Kills (?%)
Flooded Rainforest
Flooded Rainforest
Cream Major Dye CreamPrim.png Elite Stafrage
Elite Stafrusher
Enraged Stafrute
Pure White Major Dye PureWhitePrim.png BH 6 Chest
Shadow Major Dye ShadowPrim.png Chaos Giant (non-enraged) Lamavora Battlegrounds
Charcoal Major Dye CharcoalPrim.png Reward Chests -
Jet Black Major Dye JetBlackPrim.png

Accent Dyes

Dye Item Name Color Source Cost
Crimson Accent Dye BloodAcc.png Reward Chests
Orange Accent Dye OrangeAcc.png Crafted
Bee Accent Dye DandelionAcc.png
Dandelion Accent Dye DandelionAcc.png Sewers boss drop?
Shard Trash
Toxic Waste Accent Dye ToxicWasteAcc.png "Broken Halls dungeon" Common Broken Halls
Sewer Rat Accent Dye SewerRatAcc.png Shard Dungeon Bonus Chests
Saltwater Taffee Accent Dye SaltwaterTaffeeAcc.png Reward Chests
Shard Trash
Teal Accent Dye TealAcc.png NPC Vendor
Reward Chests
5,000 Highsteppe
Cumulus Accent Dye CumulusAcc.png
Island Blue Accent Dye IslandBlueAcc.png Trickster Goblin Vendor 5 Tokens Highsteppe
Cobalt Accent Dye CobaltAcc.png Reward Chests
Enraged Barking Stafrusher
Elite Stafraster
Powder Blue Accent Dye PowderBlueAcc.png Shard Dungeon Bonus Chests
Magic Purple Accent Dye MagicPurpleAcc.png Miner's Problem
Camp Problem
Essence Cave
Enforcer Camp
Royal Purple Accent Dye RoyalPurpleAcc.png Raid Boss 3 Normal Normal Raid
Salmon Accent Dye SalmonAcc.png Fortified Stafrute
Flooded Rainforest
Snow Accent Dye SnowAcc.png Shard 10 Chests
Shard 10
Coal Accent Dye CoalAcc.png Trickster Goblin Vendor
Shard 10 Chests
3 Tokens
Shard 10

Dye Washes

Dye Item Name Color Source Cost Location
Major Dye Wash PrimaryWash.png NPC Vendor Highsteppe
Minor Dye Wash AccentWash.png NPC Vendor Highsteppe

Dye washes will remove any applied dye to either Primary color or Accent color. Returns to the default for the armor piece.


Click HERE to see dye recipes (spoilers)

Navy Blue Major Dye

  • (Blue) Rotospore x3
  • (Red) Blue Moon Spore x3
  • (Yellow) Obsidian x2
  • (Blue) Dip Bottle

Seafoam Major Dye

  • (Blue) Helm Spore, Blue Moon Spore x2
  • (Turq) Axolotol x2, Sunfish
  • (Green) Cryejil x2, Pinecone x2
  • (Yellow) Dip bottle

Toffee Major Dye

  • (Blue) Cactus x2, Coconut Milk
  • (Yellow) Sunfish x3
  • (Green) Knight's Tear
  • (Yellow) Dip Bottle

Terracotta Major Dye

  • (Blue) King Sweetie x2, Coconut Milk x2
  • (Green) Eel, Catfish
  • (Yellow) Grathorp x2
  • (Red) Dip Bottle

Orange Accent Dye

  • (Blue) Jocus Osheoth x2, Reedflute
  • (Turq) Cloak Fish x2
  • (Red) Chytril, Cryejil
  • (Yellow) Weeping Krodo x2
  • (Red) Dip bottle

Original EK Dye hunt available here: link