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Dragon racing consists of flying your pet dragon through multiple rings towards the finish line, including avoiding stationary and animated obstacles.

To start a dragon race, stand next to the race leader-board sign, with your dragon and dragon treats equipped, then feed your dragon a treat.

NOTE: you will want to ensure that you are centered in your play-space before starting the race.

You will then be placed at the start of the race, behind your dragon. Look at your dragon again to begin the race. To exit the race, press the Menu button.

Your dragon can only fly for so long (approximately 10 seconds) without going through a ring. Each ring gives your dragon extra endurance to fly longer. This is represented by the wind streaks off the dragon wings.

Gold rings will decrease your time by 5 seconds. Rings with wind tunnels will speed up your dragon temporarily.

As you get more experienced at racing, you can try alternate routes, as well as your own, to get a faster time.

A list of missions for this activity may be found in Dragon Racing Missions.

Map of Dragon Race Locations

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Dragon Races by Region

Highsteppe City

The Beginning:As the first Dragon Race of the game, this race is a simple circle with no twisted paths or choices. Located right next to Sicilus, the Dragon Race Missions vendor, in lower Highsteppe. Don't be discouraged by seeing seemingly impossible times - these are basically a list of players who have glitched the mechanic rather than performing the race as intended.

Second Chance: The second race of the game, this race introduces the necessity to make tough choices and deal with obstacles. It is one of the most difficult races to achieve full marks. This is located above and around the Dragon Shop near Sicilus.


Lich King: The first Dungeon Dragon Race of the game. This race can be found just inside the entrance to the Crypt dungeon within Highsteppe. It features several choices that need to be made for paths and a lot of rings that should be skipped.

Sewer Rat: The second Dungeon Dragon Race can be found in the entrance of the Sewers. It's a fairly long race with very few skip-able rings and some sharp drops.

Broken Halls: The last Dungeon Dragon Race can be found in the Broken Halls dungeon. It features several twists and turns that can and should be directly skipped.


Mouse Trap: This dragon race is a maze, where one wrong turn can lead you to a dead end. Familiarize yourself with the layout by looking up from underneath it, and don't be afraid to liberally apply the brakes (pull back on your controller's thumbstick) to make those sharp turns. This race is located just outside of Highsteppe, along the Southwest entrance, near Randel. Nearest teleport is Trader's Road.

Racing Ruins: This dragon race seems fairly simplistic at first, but includes several moving mechanics that need to be dodged and large sections of the race that must be skipped to achieve a full score. Located near the Kingsport Graveyard, the closes teleport is Rope Bridge.

Sky High: This dragon race takes you through rocky tunnels and above the Highsteppe zone. It is a fairly simple race, with only a few surprise mechanics and the occasional split choice. It is located directly opposite the Rope Bridge teleport, right next to the bridge itself.

Flooded Rainforest

Swamp Smash: This dragon race is perhaps one of the more difficult to complete, with several moving parts and very sharp turns. Watch out for the timing on the two rocks and be prepared to pull the brakes inside the tunnels. It is located North of Hermit Camp, and Nomad's Hut is the nearest teleport location.

Swamp Monsters: Sicilus loves to fish, particularly in the Flooded Rainforest. She and the monstrous fish she's trying to catch are the main obstacles in this course. Dive down fast and don't get hit! This race is located in the Wagon Graveyard (also the nearest teleport location).

Lamavora Battlegrounds

Let Loose: Situated in the Northeast corner of the Lamavora Battlegrounds, this race has you navigating the ruins of a fort under siege. Dodge ballista bolts as you wind your way around the fort. Stick low on the upclimb and you should be okay. It is located approximately half way between the Vulcan's Point and Knight's Fort teleports.

Hulthine's Basin

Flying High: Not to be confused with Sky High, this dragon race has you winding your way through the clouds and around one of the large statues of Hulthine's Basin. It is located nearest the Flying High teleport.

Water Slide: This race is one of the more challenging races due to the laundry list of animated roadblocks. Be careful to time your movements, especially through the treasure chest under the Hulthine's Basin sea. It is located nearest the Flying High teleport.


Scav's Revenge: This race is simple but time consuming, and can be found on the south side of the great tree in the Wastelands. Watch where you leave your body, though, as it might be attacked while you are racing. The nearest teleport is Old Growth.

Guide to Getting Gold on Dragon Races

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