Critter Capture Missions

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Critter Capture Missions can be obtained from Pierre Cenn, the Crust Capture Mission Vendor.

Mission Level Mission Text Notes
3 There is a mouse infestation in the underground Market area of Highsteppe. Head down the stairs and catch them. Use the horn on the Net Gun while near the markings to coax them out!
5 The Parathime Finch has been seen along Trader's Road in front of Highsteppe. This bird can be identified by its sky blue color and fast speed.
7 There are markings of the critters Cenn needs captured littered on the ground outside the walls of Highsteppe and the surrounding areas. Catch any critter that can be found in the area near Highsteppe.
10 Cenn thinks the squirrels might be the key to figuring out how the Essence has turned normal animals into those mutated sticks. Catch some from the area close to Highsteppe for him to examine.
12 Birds seem to be immune to the Essence; capture a few more of the Parathime Finch from the area close to Highsteppe to see what makes them tick.
14 Head into the Flooded Rainforest and see what critters call it their home.
16 Now that it's known there are Obnobi Lizards living inside the Flooded Rainforest, head back and save a few before they are all eaten!
17 Head into the Lamavora Battlefield to see what kind of Critters are living there among the broken shields and spirits
18 The mice are running wild inside of Highsteppe town again; return behind the walls of Highsteppe and stop the infestation. It seems like the underground Marketplace has the worst infestation.
19 Inside the Lamavora Battlefield there are skunks running loose; capture them and bring them to Cenn for investigation.
20 Luckily the birds aren't affected by the Essence. Return to the Lamavora Battlefield and catch some of the Green Crested Fowl known to the area.
21 Hulthine's Basin doesn't contain any running critters, but the flying kind haven't been captured before. Get Cenn a specimen of the rarer birds there.
22 Cenn needs to do some general research; catch any of the critters you can, anywhere you can.
23 Chef Lethrow has complained that mice are in the food stores again. Return to Highsteppe and try and stop the infestation of mice there.
24 Cenn thinks there may be an Essence-resistant species of reptile or amphibian. Gather lizards and toads from anywhere around the Realm.
25 More avian research is required. Gather any bird you can from anywhere around the realm.
26 Venture into the Wastelands, the location of the most severe essence mutations.
27 Reports have surfaced of the Scavs using Wastelands critters as pets...or food? Collect the newly-discovered one eyed hairless skunks that run through the Wastelands.
28 Return to the Wastelands to retrieve the mutated toads that are running loose; they have been seen next to the contaminated waters of the area.
29 Cenn's supply of specimens runs low. Go out and gather any critter you can find, anywhere you can.