Bishop Roma

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Name: Lavera Roma

Title: Bishop of Guild City

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Occupation: Bishop for the Order.

Culture: Citizen of Parathime.

Background: A recent edition to the infamy of the Order, Bishop Lavera Roma first came into the public eye through earning a reputation as an incredibly strict and pious follower of the Order of Ma’at. As the Bishop of the Parathime Canal city Le’visile, Roma was said to rule with extreme piousness to the Goddess Ma'at. His actions caught the attention of the increasingly reclusive High Bishop of the Order back in the Ottathamine Empire, and Bishop Lavera Roma was promoted almost immediately to Bishop of Patreayl’s capital - Guild City. He immigrated to Patreayl and began his coronation tour amongst the Midlands. Not much is known about Bishop Roma’s past before, only that he was born to a poor painter in the ghettos of Canal City, (Parathime’s capital) and after a scandalous event involving his father, he was sent to the Holy City in Ottathamine to study the ways of Ma’at, before returning to the country in his late thirties.

Present Situation: As part of his acceptance of becoming Bishop of Guild City, Bishop Roma has been instructed by the High Pope to do an inauguration tour of central Patreayl, so that the people of the country learn who he is. He is in the final stages of his tour.