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Name: Beslial Lespin

Title: Monestere Lespin

Gender: male

Age: 67

Occupation: Archaeologist, Traveling Brother of Science and Leader of the Kingsport Restoration Committee.

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: A prominent academic in his day, Beslial was responsible alongside several other Traveling Brothers of Science, for penning the great encyclopedic tome Historium Archae. Born and raised in Patreayl, he has traveled most of the known world, even making an expedition or two to the dark continent of Garbodia, though what he encountered there, he prefers not to speak of. Beslial has over the years developed quite an interest in Patreaylin archaeology and being the stubborn old bastard that he is, he has made it his business to interject himself into places and situations that he may not be necessarily welcome, just to be able to chase down a piece of history. He has built quite the clientele of rich benefactors from Ottathamine whom he works alongside to restore things lost to previous eras for their advantage. Currently he is in the process of excavating the ruins of Kingsport so that his benefactors can restore it to its former glory and attempt to reinstate a kind of monarchy in Patreayl.

Present Condition: Beslial can be found pottering through the ruins of Kingsport and avoiding the hostile gaze of those bizarre people that still live amongst the ruins. He will not stop until all of Kingsport is restored to its former glory.