Barmaid Jasan

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Name: Jasan Elisa Berello

Title: Barmaid at Lakewood Inn/Co-owner

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Occupation: Barmaid

Culture: Obnobi Bedouin turned Patreaylian midlander.

Background: Jasan is the barmaid at Lakewood Inn and soon to be owner if she has anything to say about it. Jasan is young, pretty, charismatic and incredibly crafty. She began her life amongst the Bedouin tribes in the Obnobi desert, but dreamed of greener fields, so when she was sixteen she took her chances, packed her bags and headed out into the desert, intending to go live in Guild City. She didn’t get very far. Having run out of food and money, and underestimating the cold weather that ushered down from the dominating Necropolar foothills, Jasan sought refuge in Lakewood Inn, where she met the overweight and boarish Dosa Berello, the current owner of the Inn. He offered her food, warmth and a place to stay if she would marry him. Jasan saw another offer on the table however - she saw a legacy in one day owning the only major tavern in all Patreayl. Jasan agreed to the man’s demands and they were quickly wed. Her intentions were to murder him in his sleep once all the legal documents were signed and she could be comfortable that the Inn would pass to her in the event of his death. However, it turned out Dosa was not as stupid as Jasan initially thought, and quickly caught onto the fact that she was trying to get him out of the picture. But Dosa did not kill his young wife like she expected once he found her out. He dreamed of having a “strapping young lad” one day, and knew Jasan was his only chance to do so. Because of this, Jasan and Dosa have ended up in a kind of stalemate. She continues to try get him out of the picture, in increasingly creative ways, and he avoids her attempts, all the while trying to bed her and get her pregnant. After several years of this, however, the two have surprisingly grown fond of, and perhaps even fallen in love with one another. Although neither would ever admit to it.

Present Situation: Jasan continues her work as a barmaid at Lakewood Inn where she gripes about her “boarish” husband and plots ways to kill him, all the while secretly loving him, yet fending off his attempts at consummating their marriage.