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Mounts allow for faster movement outside of battle, getting from point A to point B a little quicker. See Cosmetics for an index of cosmetic items.

How to use

Mount Slot

You will first acquire a mount from a vendor or Cosmetic Shop. You must then have your chosen mount in the mount slot of your equipment screen.

With a mount equipped, hold your hands together, hold down the grip buttons on both controllers, and spread your hands apart. You should see your mount appear and grow between your hands. Once fully deployed, The mount will grow to full size and move under your character.

Once active, your movement speed will be increased. With Sliding locomotion, you'll slide at a faster speed. With Teleport locomotion, your teleport bar will fill faster, allowing for farther jumps for frequently.

To "Dis-Mount", you just repeat the same action of spreading your hands while holding your grip buttons. Your mount will disappear from under you.


Your mount is automatically "put away" when you enter combat. This can be especially noticeable as your movement speed is reduced while in combat. You may not activate your mount until you are out of combat again.

Available Mounts

Icon Name Where to get
BasicMount.png Disc Mount Vendor : 50 dram
SteamPunkMount.png Steam Punk Mount Cosmetic Shop
StormCloudMount.png Nimbus Mount Cosmetic Shop
Mount cauldron.png Cauldron Mount Cosmetic Shop
DramMount.png Dram Mount Vendor : 1,000,000 dram
Mount carpet.png Flying Carpet Mount Trickster Goblin
25 Tokens
Mount plant.png Plant Mount Reach Reputation Rank 6 with Whisper
OrbMount.png Orb Mount
RocketMount.png Rocket Mount Reach Reputation Rank 8 with Darius
ShieldMount.png Shield Mount Reach Reputation Rank 8 with Marlowe
Mount arcane.png Arcane Mount G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G drop
HorseMount.png Horse Mount Hidden Quest Completion