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Potâto's Static maps:

These maps have been heavily compressed and down-scaled to fit within the file limits of the Orbus Free Press Wiki, to view the uncompressed full size maps and also get access to the interactive map join the OrbusVR maps discord at: or view/download the maps from this google drive folder:

Icon Reference

Icon List (click to view)

Icon list.png

Quest Item List (click to view)

Quest Items.png


Overworld (click to view)


Highsteppe City top (click to view)

HS Top.png

Highsteppe City bottom (click to view)

HS Bottom.png

Foresaken Isle (click to view)

Foresaken Isle.png

Dungeons and Raids

Level 10

Crypt (click to view)


Sewer (click to view)


Level 20

Airship (click to view)

Airship dungeon.png

Broken Halls (click to view)

Broken halls-dungeon.png

Level 30

Abandonned Mines (click to view)

Abandonned Mines.png

Ancient Temple (click to view)

Ancient temple dungeon.png

Ruins Of Guild City (click to view)

Ruins of guild city.png

Citadel Raid (click to view)

Citadel raid.png


Mugwood (click to view)


Hollows Creek (click to view)

Hollows creek.png

Thorndell Meadow (click to view)

Thorndell meadow.png

The Lair (click to view)

The lair.png


Monday Knights reborn map [PARTIALLY OUTDATED]

RebornMap - Allitems.png

Vanilla Orbus

Ready Player One map with Teleport Chart (click to enlarge)


World Map by Troader (LanceA)