Trickster Goblin

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The Trickster Goblin currently spawns in a random location of the world every 4 hours. The player who defeats the Trickster Goblin obtains a Trickster Token, which can be used to purchase rewards from the vendor in Highsteppe. Only players with PvP active can attack the Goblin or obtain a token. When the goblin dies, an event icon will spawn for a brief period of time allowing those lost souls who were nowhere near the objective one last attempt to find their way to the token, sort of.

Once the token is obtained by a player, the objective for that player is to return to Highsteppe without dying, as the tokens are tradable and will drop upon death. Players with the trickster token may be attacked in safe areas, cannot use invisibility potions, and may not use teleport stones or spells. A 10 minute logout timer currently exists for this player.

Rewards can be obtained from the Trickster Goblin Store in Highsteppe, near Mayor Kaia. See Cosmetics for an index of other cosmetic items.

Trickster Goblin Rewards

Item Image Type Price
Coal Accent Dye
(x2 unconfirmed)
CoalAcc.png Dye 3 Tokens
Island Blue Accent Dye x2 IslandBlueAcc.png Dye 5 Tokens
Dominion Cape DominionCape.png Cape 10 Tokens
Selfie Bot 3 SelfieBot3.png Tool 13 Tokens
PvP Bird Hat PvPHat.png Head 15 Tokens
PvP Shoulder Demon PvPShoulder.png Shoulder 15 Tokens
Carpet Mount Mount carpet.png Mount 25 Tokens