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Primary Roll: DPS
Armor Type: Cloth
Weapon: Mask
Equipment: Totems


The Shaman is a high-powered offensive class with the ability to affect the entire battlefield. Throwing down totems, the Shaman can spread effects to slow down enemies, or throw down a spell-slinging totem and grab some arcane energy to hurl for massive damage.

How to fight

The Shaman can equip four totems at any given time. These totems are thrown onto the ground and have different functions; some provide an AOE effect around them, while others spawn orbs that can themselves be thrown to damage enemies.

The totems currently available for use include:


Lightning: One of the bread-and-butter damage totems, this totem spawns a ball of lightning that can be thrown at an enemy. If it hits, it does damage to the hit enemy and nearby enemies.


Fire: The second bread-and-butter damage totem, this spawns a ball of fire that does a large amount of damage to a single target.


Frost: This totem has an AOE pulse effect that slows nearby enemies.


Lava: This totem has an AOE pulse effect that does a small amount of damage to nearby enemies and increases damage to them.


Hex: This totem has an AOE pulse effect that will turn enemies into frogs temporarily (akin to the Polymorph spell of the Runemage).


Stun: This totem acts as the interrupt for the class, spawning orbs that stun a single target.

Super Ability

The Shaman super ability spawns a wolf that will attack nearby enemies. Note that it can take damage and be killed by friendly players.


Stunning: Your stun last for less time, but does increased damage Stay Put: Double the duration of your stun
Fire Consumes: Fireball will apply a DoT to weakened enemies Blazing Speed: The shaman's base speed is increased at all times
Reach: You can grab orbs off a totem from a small distance away Longevity: Totems last longer before disappearing
Strikes Twice: When your lightning orb crits it instantly respawns on your totem Totemic Call: Once every 10 seconds you can point to a placed totem and teleport to it. If you teleport at least 4 meters, for a short period after teleporting all your damage is increased
All In: The first orb generated by a totem is guaranteed to crit Totemic Mastery: If you miss with a thrown orb it instantly respawns

List of weapons

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Artificing for Shamans

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