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Primary Roll: DPS
Armor Type: Leather
Weapon: Bow
Equipment: Arrows + Trap


Every child in the villages of the forest learns the basics of using a bow and arrow to hunt the creatures which dwell in the wood. The Ranger has taken these skills and honed them until they have become like a sharpened arrow able to strike any foe.

The Ranger’s weapon is the bow, and a variety of special arrows that the Ranger has imbued with effects such as poison or a fiery rain of destruction. The most powerful Rangers can hit targets from great distances, fire multiple arrows at once, and possess deadly accuracy.

How to Fight

The Ranger uses a bow and arrow to fire long-distance shots. Put the bow controller in your off hand, pull the trigger on the arrow hand while near the bow string and pull back, release to fire. The distance that you draw that arrow back determines how far the arrow will fly and how much damage it will do. The direction of the arrow is guided by the position of your arrow hand relative to your bow hand.


Ranger Trap

The red and yellow trap, located on your chest (opposite your Compass), can be thrown to stun and immobilize most enemies. You can grab it by using the Grip button, Then just throw the trap while letting go of the Grip button to deploy it. Once deployed on the ground, the trap will explode on any monsters which walk over it. The trap is broken the moment ANY damage is dealt to them.

Weak Points

After hitting an enemy with an arrow, red weak points appear, which can be hit again for 20% increased damage.

Shot Rating

Hitting enemies from a distance will fill up the globes on the right side of your bow, which let you deal bonus damage with each full globe. Missing shots, shooting at close range, or just not attacking over time, will remove globes.

Special Arrows

In addition to the basic arrow, the Ranger has 5 special arrows to choose from. They will appear on your waist belt when they are ready to use. To use them, just hover the arrow controller over the arrow you want to grab, and use the Grip button the controller to grab the arrow. Then just fire it like normal. To change what arrows are available to you, equip an arrow to your Class Slot in your equipment.

Arrow Poison.png

Poison Arrow: Deals a steady damage-over-time effect to an enemy; very useful to keep your damage at maximum while you're busy with other targets.

Arrow Piercing.png

Piercing Arrow: Does extra damage to a single target, especially useful when fighting elites and bosses.

Arrow Fire.png

Rain of Fire: An arrow which, when it strikes an enemy or the ground, causes a rain of fire to occur, damaging all enemies inside of its radius. Useful when you are attacking a group of targets that will remain largely stationary.

Arrow Spread.png

Spread Arrow: Fires five arrows in a spread pattern from your bow. This can be used to deal damage against a group of enemies or, if you're close enough, you can actually strike the same enemy with all five arrows. Doing so is the largest amount of damage that you can deal to an enemy in a single shot.

Arrow Darkness.png

Darkness Arrow: An experimental arrow which creates a cloud of darkness at the area where it strikes. Does nothing for monsters, but in PvP can be useful for hiding yourself or confusing your enemies.

Note that if you imbue an arrow with an ability and then miss your shot, you just wasted the ability!

Charged Shots

Once every 6 seconds you can super-charge a shot by notching an arrow, then pulling back all the way and holding the arrow for around 2 seconds. You'll see a purple "gathering power" effect, then the arrow tip will turn purple with power when it's ready to fire. This shot does significantly more damage, but does not increase Damage over Time or secondary effects from special arrows.

In addition, the Charged Shot will place a Ranger's Mark on the target, which is a special effect visible to everyone that increases the damage done by all sources to the target by 5%.

Super Ability

When your yellow Special Bar fills up all the way, you can pull the Triggers on both of your controllers at once to engage your Super ability. Your bow will pulse with energy, and during this time you do increased damage and your abilities recharge more quickly. When the Special Bar depletes, your super will end.

You build up your Super charge more quickly by chaining together hits of targets without missing, hitting targets from far away, and using your Special Arrows.


The Ranger's two paths are Snipe Shot and Quick Shot. They focus on two very different styles of Ranger play, one in which the shots are fired at a deliberate, carefully aimed pace, and another in which the shots are fired as quickly as possible.

Snipe Shot Quick Shot
Precision: Unlocks the Precision Shot Indicator, which allows you to do increased damage with precise timing and careful aim. Rapidity: Unlocks the Rapid Shot Indicator, which gives additional bonus damage as long as you are firing shots very quickly without pause.
Improved Charge: Your Charged Shot applies a 2-second, 35% Slow effect to the target in addition to your Hunter's Mark. Rapid Charge: Your Charged Shot charges in 1 second instead of 2 seconds.
Arrow Sight: The trails of your arrows last much longer than usual, and shots from greater than 30 meters gain a 10% damage boost. Multishot: Every time you fire an arrow, you have a 10% chance for your arrow to become empowered and deal additional base damage..
Globe Master: Gain a 6th globe which you can fill, and you can generate up to 3 globes at once when firing at long distances. Overcharge: When you do a Charged Shot, gain an additional damage boost of 15% for each Shot Globe currently filled, using up the globes in the process.
Critical Aim: Weak spots become larger. Hitting a weak spot from greater than 30 meters gains a damage boost. Needler: Passive weak spots appear more frequently. Hitting a weak spot quickly gains a damage boost.
  • Precision rewards you for precise timing and firing one arrow per second. If you fire the arrow at the right time, you will deal up to 330% base damage.
  • Rapidity rewards you for quickly firing arrows without pause, granting up to 110% damage for each arrow fired.

List of Weapons

Potential spoilers. Click Here to view

Weapon Picture Rarity Source
Beginner's Bow Longbow.png Uncommon Starter item
Longbow Longbow.png Uncommon Normal Monsters
(Level 1+)
Warbow Warbow.png Rare Normal Monsters
(Level 8+)
Witherstring Witherstring.png Rare
Nature's Grace Natures Grace.png Epic Tradu Mines
Shard Dungeons
Bow of the Sea FishBow.png Legendary Shard Dungeons

Artificing for Rangers

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Relevant Tiles

Tile Picture Ranger Meaning General Meaning Recipe (Finish all when blue)
A Tile A.png Piercing Arrow Knight's Tear and Nahomium and Obsidian
When green Grathorp
M Tile M.png Normal Arrow Nahomium X 2
When yelow, Cryejil
When red, Obsidian
o Tile oo.png Poison Arrow Nahomium and Grathorp
When Green, Obsidian and Nahomium
g Tile gg.png Shortest Delay Obsidian and Linstanium
When red, Obsidian and Grathorp
i Tile ii.png Medium Delay Knight's Tear and Grathorp
When turquoise, Obsidian and Linstanium
n Tile nn.png Long Delay Grathorp and Obsidian
When yellow, Linstanium and Cryejil
s Tile ss.png Longer Delay Knight's Tear and Linstanium
When red, Nahomium and Obsidian
t Tile tt.png Longest Delay (~6 seconds), or start of combat Cryejil x 3
When green,Grathorp


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