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Open World PvP

To engage in PvP, enable World PvP within your Settings Menu while inside Highsteppe.

Zoned PvP

Every zone in the game has a "safety rating."

  • Highsteppe, the beginning region directly outside of Highsteppe, and most graveyards are "Safe", as are group instances such as dungeons. You cannot attack other players in these zones.
  • All other areas are "Unsafe". In these zones, you can be attacked at any time if you have World PvP enabled by any other player who has World PvP enabled.

Risk & Reward

Players with PvP enabled will obtain 10% bonus experience from all xp sources. Note that to obtain this bonus on mission quests, the quest must be obtained, completed, and turned in while PvP is enabled. They also will see 25% more resource nodes around the world, which are invisible to players who do not have it enabled.

If you acquire a tradable item in the world (such as a rare flower for brewing a potion), your mission is to get it back to town without losing it. It's up to you if you want to risk sticking around gathering a lot, if you want to go in solo or take a group, etc.

Once you've gotten back to town with it, it's safely stored in your personal chest where you can access it later to use it or take it to sell at the market.

PvP Kills, both inside and outside battlegrounds, provide Honor Points. Every week, these Honor Points are tallied and a Title is assigned based on your rank.

Trickster Goblin

The Trickster Goblin currently spawns in a random location of the world every 4 hours. The player who defeats the Trickster Goblin obtains a Trickster Token, which can be used to purchase rewards from the vendor in Highsteppe. Only players with PvP active can attack the Goblin or obtain a token. When the goblin dies, an event icon will spawn for a brief period of time allowing those lost souls who were nowhere near the objective one last attempt to find their way to the token, sort of.

Once the token is obtained by a player, the objective for that player is to return to Highsteppe without dying, as the tokens are tradable and will drop upon death. Players with the trickster token may be attacked in safe areas, cannot use invisibility potions, and may not use teleport stones or spells. A 10 minute logout timer currently exists for this player.

PvP Battlegrounds

The PvP Battlegrounds is a new team "capture the outpost" game mode introduced in OrbusVR Reborn. All players start on equal footing as Level 30 with only basic gear regardless of their character's progress in the "main world." Upon joining (via "Join Battlegrounds Queue" menu option), you will be randomly assigned to either the Red or Blue team, comprised of 4 members who have joined either solo or as a duo (no larger groups are currently allowed). You and your teammates must fight the opposing players to maintain your team's flag on each of the three outposts. For each outpost held, your team will score a certain number of points per second and the first team to 1000 points wins the battle.

You can obtain honor points for killing enemy players, but will not obtain honor points for capturing outposts.

It is not always available to play, as it requires that 8 individuals be in the queue at the same time. Sometimes, you will be able to join immediately after joining the queue, while at other times you will have to wait for a while. Note that no warning or option to decline is currently provided. If you are joining a public event or leaving your VR for any amount of time, it is recommended that you leave the battleground queue.

Quests to partake in the Battlegrounds are available from Marlowe in Highsteppe.

Joining the Game

Open your menu and select the Activities button. You will then see an option to "Join Battlegrounds Queue". If you are in a party, the party leader must be the one to initiate joining this queue. Unlike the gameplay of the shared main world, Battlegrounds games take place in separate instances that have no bearing on the main game; therefore, you do not need to travel to any particular place in the game world to access them. Note that once you are in the queue, you will see a new option appear in place of the "Join" option - to "Leave" the queue. Once a game has been found for you, you will automatically join that game.

Do not join the queue unless you are prepared to join the game any time. If you join the queue and you are in the middle of a dungeon, for example, you will be yanked out of the dungeon when the game starts.

Joining while in a group of two will allow you to be placed with your chosen teammate. Groups larger than two cannot join the queue or will be split to individuals. However, right now the queue just fills up as people join it, so if you want to play with friends you can all just join at the same time and you will likely get into the same game most of the time.

Playing the Game

Once you are in the game, you will start in your team's respawn point, on the opposite corner of the map to the other team's respawn point. Three capture locations are placed along a line across the middle of the map. These locations are called "Warrior's Shield", "Crystal Cave", and "Paladin's Hammer", with the first and last located to the right of the respective respawns, along the edge of the map, and the cave in the middle of the map.

You always start off as a Level 30 character of whatever Discipline you were using when you joined, with only the weapons and items for each Discipline in your inventory that you already possessed. Note that when you leave the battleground, if you switched class during the battleground, you will always return to the world as the class you started the battleground with. If you have already selected talents for the class you are playing, they will remain selected. If you have not (either because your class is not high enough level or because you have not selected them), you can and should select them at the beginning of the match.

The winner of the game is the team that reaches 1000 points from keeping the three locations captured. It's up to you to decide if you want to take on others immediately, or sneak around to capture the locations.

Losing or Winning

The side that generates 1000 capture points first will win the game. The game will notify you whenever a location is captured, and also runs the current score along the top of your vision, just under the experience bar.

Once you die, you will become a ghost. If you press the Reawaken button, you will go back to your team's respawn point.


  • The classes have not been balanced for PvP. It's entirely possible that some will be overpowered. Since you can choose to play as any class and start off on equal footing, this is considered fine for now, though balancing patches are expected.