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Public Events are located throughout the world, with some areas having multiple events. The Map shows these locations as exclamation marks.

There are Event Beacons that will appear to indicate an event is about to take place.
The beacon changes color to indicate the status of the event.

Green 5 minutes until event
Yellow 3 minutes until event
Red 1 minute until event
Blue Event is Active


You earn max XP and Dram by completing the events, but will also be rewarded for attempting to complete the event based on your participation and the percentage the event was complete.

Some Missions are also available from Mayor Kaia for the completion of various events.

Event Timing

The public events are not active at all times, and rotate through each event. You can find out what events are active or will be active in the future through the Armory's Public Event tool.

Public Events by Region


Last Stand/"Fence Defense": Defend the gates of Highsteppe from waves of enemies threatening to overcome the final barriers to the city. This is a timed event where a new wave comes approximately every 40 seconds. To complete the event, the fences must not be destroyed. To be eligible for a reward, you will need to hit enemies in at least the final two rounds. Located outside the North exit of Highsteppe City, the closest teleport location is Trader's Road.

Chaos Tear/"Portal"/"Carrot Toss": Enemies are forcing their way through from the portal to the other world using crystals attached to arrows as anchors. Throw the crystals back through the tear and defeat any enemies that make it through. This event is timed and to receive gold ranking you must throw at least a few crystals through. Note that if you miss the portal with your toss or hit another player in the back of the head while tossing, the enemy will appear after a small amount of time. Located on the plateau in Highsteppe, the closest teleport location is Rope Bridge.

Flooded Rainforest

Wagon Graveyard: Refugees are huddled in a camp of their broken wagons, while waves of essence-corrupted creatures attempt to beat their way in through hastily-made fences. This event occurs in waves, with each wave potentially spawning from a different direction. To complete, defeat the enemies before they have the chance to break down a fence. Located in the Wagon Graveyard of Flooded Rainforest, the closest teleport is Wagon Graveyard.

Obnobi Camp/Bedouin Camp: The last camp of the Obnobi tribe is under attack during their fire ritual. Defeat the enemies that approach the camp until time runs out. Note that there is no real way to fail this presently, so just pick your targets wisely, don't pull too many at once, and don't die. Located at the Obnobi Camp, the closest teleport is Demon's Cave.

Flying Fish/"Fish Toss": Sicilus is out fishing in the Flooded Rainforest and needs your help. The fish she's trying to catch keep flying out of the water and onto the land, right into the hands of essence-corrupted creatures. This is a timed event where a certain number of fish must be tossed into Sicilus' boat. Enemies will spawn where fish were not picked up and tossed in time, or where the fish did not hit the target. Note that the target is fairly difficult to hit, and is invisible; try to aim for between about 1/3 up on the mast to the berth of the boat, across the spread of the boat from bow to stern. If you have tossed the fish correctly, it will disappear when it reaches the boat; if not, you will see it fall into water or overshoot the boat by far. Note that the best method to toss it is to hold the fish to your chest and "push" rather than perform an underhand or overhand throw. Located near the West entrance to Inuinu Chasm, the closest teleport is Demon's Cave.

Lamavora Battlegrounds

Knights' Fort: An old Knights' Fort is under attack by waves of otherworldly enemies, some magically shielded from harm. Defeat them before they destroy the defenses of the fort by launching ballista bolts to break through enemy shields. This is a timed event and scales heavily based on the number of people in attendance. Note that ballistas cannot be healed, but you can stand in front of them to take a hit. Note as well that to use a ballista, you must grab it with two empty hands; to shoot, pull the trigger once you have aimed it. The closest teleport is Knights Fort.

Broken Piece of Castle/"Rock": A broken piece of the Sky Castle is under attack from otherworldly enemies. Defend the piece of castle by defeating enemies or pulling them out of the ring. Note that this is the first occurrence of a timed Capture event; to complete the event, the ring must be clear of enemies (green) for enough time, measured by a progress bar. If enemies are inside the ring with players, the ring will turn grey. If enemies are inside the ring without players, it will turn red and the progress bar will deplete. Note that if you have trouble defeating an enemy quickly, it may be more effective to jump outside of the ring to force the enemies out and then jump back to barely inside the ring, where the progress bar will increase despite still being in combat with the enemies. Located in the Northeast corner of Lamavora, the closest teleport is Vulcan's Point.

Essence Cave: Inside the Crystal Cave, essence crystals are falling from the top of the cave and gathering otherworldly enemies. Pick up the crystals and take them to the shredder within the time limit to complete the event. Note that to achieve a reward, you must shred at least a few crystals. Note as well that the crystals despawn after a briefer period of time than the similar Flying Fish event and will despawn while you are carrying them back to the shredder; it is advised that you only pick up crystals shortly after they fall to avoid issues. You can also pick up two crystals at once, but if they touch eachother they may repel; to properly pick two up, you will need to grab one and then hold it out fully to the side as you grab the second. Located inside of Crystal Cave, the closest teleport is Crystal Cave.

Hulthine's Basin

Hulthine's Basin Event/Ritual Site: Ritual stones in Hulthine's Basin have attracted the attention of chaos enemies. Defend these stones and keep enemies away from them. This, like the Lamavora Battlegrounds Broken Piece of Castle event, is a Capture style event, only for this one there are two rings and two progress bars that must both be completed (by keeping enemies out of the rings and thus keeping the rings green) at the same time. Closest teleport is Flying High.


Scav Outpost/"Wastelands Event": A Scav outpost is under attack by chaos enemies. It's not entirely clear why you're defending it, but like the Hulthine's Basin event, you must keep both rings clear of enemies. The twist on this event is that the timer to complete is incredibly short! Located East of the great tree in the Wastelands, the closest teleport is Old Growth.