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Primary Roll: Tank
Armor Type: Plate
Weapon: Hammer
Equipment: Librams


A valuable ally to its party, the Paladin is a tanking class focused on reactive play. Equipped with a mighty hammer, the Paladin can call down a lightning strike or convert energy from damage received to wield a mighty blow back to its enemies.

How to fight

Face pull, throw your hammer to teleport into melee, or use your Hammer of Retribution to pull from a medium distance. Generate orbs as soon as the cooldown hits for most fights, using your buffing libram to empower an attack every time it's off cooldown. Use your middle libram to heal when needed and if it's on cooldown run around until it's ready again. Taunt as needed if you're in a group or use it as a buff pre-combat if you are solo - watch out for nearby enemies or you might pull them too. Don't let yourself fill up on orbs.


Lightning Strike

Hold your hammer to the sky to charge two globes of energy. Globes are "spent" on certain actions, so lift that hammer high and often.

Hammer Throw and Teleport

Hold the Grip button then release in a throwing motion to send your hammer, dealing damage to enemies it passes through. Press the Trigger button while the hammer is in the air to use a globe of energy and teleport yourself to it. Hold the Grip button while the hammer is flying to return it.


  • Libram of Blessing: Grants increased strength and intellect to yourself and nearby allies. Also acts as a taunt, making enemies attack you.
  • Libram of Healing: Heals yourself
  • Libram of Power: Empowers your next self-heal or basic attack to grant extra healing or damage. Also increases aggro generation on target.

Hammer Slam

Slam your hammer into the ground, dealing a strong area attack around you. Requires 3 globes of energy.

Light's Defense

Raise your offhand up above your head. Successful activation will cause a small shield to appear in front of you that blocks 99% of damage (but still gives orbs) for 1.5s. Cooldown is currently 12 seconds.

Super Ability

Creates a powerful healing orb in your off-hand. Pull the Trigger to activate it.


Blessing of Attack: Increase the buff of your Libram of Power by 5% Blessing of Encouragement: Your Libram of Blessing adds an extra 10% strength and intellect
Libram of Protection: Your next Libram of Healing increases your damage resistance and energy generation by 5% for 4 seconds Libram of Assistance: Your Libram of Healing will now heal the most injured friendly target within 8m
Defensive: Lay on Hands gives you a 50% armor buff for 10 seconds Generosity: Your Lay on Hands can now heal other players by touching them when activating it
Hammer of Retribution: Point your hammer at an enemy and pull the trigger to shoot a bolt of lightning at the target at the cost of two power charges Hammer of Forgiveness: Point your hammer at a friendly player and pull the trigger to heal the target at the cost of two power charges
Plea of Protection: Once every 30 seconds you can hold your off hand 90 degrees from your body, to the side, to be granted a 25% increase to damage resistance and energy generation for 10 seconds Plea of Divinity: Once every 10 minutes you can cast Plea of Divinity on an ally. If the target dies while blessed with Plea of Divinity they will resurrect with 20% health

List of weapons

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Artificing for Paladins

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