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The game features a full inventory and equipment system. As you acquire loot from killing monsters, you can place the items in your inventory. To access your Inventory, open it from the Player Menu.

To equip an item, just tap it to select it in the inventory, then tap the box you want it to go into. Note that equipment has specific slots it has to go in, if a piece won't go into a slot make sure it's the right type of equipment for that slot. Note also that if you select an equippable item, the game will currently dim the incorrect slots to highlight the intended slot for use.

Managing Inventory

To destroy an item in your inventory (and free up space to get more items), just select the item, then tap on the Trash icon along the bottom. A notice along the top will appear, which allows you to confirm that you want to destroy the item. If the item is a piece of equipment (e.g. a weapon or a chest piece), rather than Destroying it you will see an icon to Breakdown the item. This turns it into a shard, which is used in the Artificing class or can be sold to an Apprentice Blacksmith for money. In addition, ingredients and some crafted items can also be sold to NPC vendors to gain dram. (Note: NPC vendors can be found in almost every town and village, but differ from the player ran Market Stalls.)

  • Common (white) and uncommon (green) equipment yields minor shards
  • Rare (blue) equipment yields major shards
  • Epic (purple) equipment yields glimmering shards
  • Legendary (orange) equipment yields effervescent shards

Shards are used for artificing, or rolling new affixes on epic or legendary weapons.

Soulbound vs Tradable Items

In OrbusVR, every item in the game has one of two states: soulbound or tradable. Most items in the game are soulbound as soon as you acquire them. That includes all gear from dungeon instances, quest rewards, and many drops from monsters. These items can never be traded to another player (or sold), and therefore do not affect the economy. They also can never be lost once acquired, unless you manually destroy them. So you never have to worry about losing that awesome new sword you just got while running a dungeon or a raid.

However, some items are tradable. Nearly everything that crafters in the game produce are tradable. Many crafting ingredients are tradable. Basically, if it would make sense that you would sell it to another player, or use it to make something to sell, then it's tradable. Tradable items drop from shared, open-world content, such as killing groups of monsters or gathering resources, and from opening lootboxes (which are soulbound).

Note: While in the "Unsafe" areas with World PvP enabled all tradable items will be dropped for others with World PvP enabled to loot if you die, including trabadle pets. Equipped tradable items are not lost on death. This only applies to the Unsafe areas.