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Plants / Fungi

Plants / Fungi Picture Locations
Queens Ear Queens ear.JPG Highsteppe
Roto Spore Roto spore.JPG Lamavora Battlegrounds
Reed Flute Reed flute.PNG Flooded Rainforest
King Sweetie Apple Kings sweetie.PNG Lamavora Battlegrounds
Coconut Milk Coconut.PNG Flooded Rainforest
Blue Moon Spore Blue moonspore.PNG Flooded Rainforest
Blade Cactus Blade cactus.JPG Flooded Rainforest (Obnobi Encampment)
Jocud Osheoth Jocud osheoth.JPG Wastelands
Pinecone Pinecone.PNG Currently nowhere
Sydazoran Sydazoran.PNG Hulthine's Basin
Chytrilealtro Chytrileatro.PNG Wastelands
Weekping Krodo Weeping krodo.PNG Wastelands
Crown Foil Crown foil.PNG Lamavora Battlegrounds
Blood Caps Bloodcaps.PNG Lamavora Battlegrounds
Plains Helm Spore Plains helm.PNG Hulthine's Basin
Water Toad Water toad.PNG Highsteppe
Sour Bells Sour bells.PNG Highsteppe (Central Pass)
Highsteppe (Hidden Garden Teleport)
BloodMace Wastelands (Old Growth Teleport)
Wastelands (Scav's Den)
Wilting Sun Flooded Rainforest (near unmatched enemies)
Highsteppe (near unmatched enemies)

Minerals / Ores

Minerals / Ores Picture Locations
Grathorp Grathorp.jpg Highsteppe: Sarrow's Cave
Highsteppe: Center Pass
Listanium Linstanium.jpg Lamavora Battlegrounds: Crystal Cave
Nahomium Nahomium.PNG Flooded Rainforest: Inuinu Chasm
Flooded Rainforest: Cut Throat Cave
Obsidian Obsidian.JPG Lamavora Battlegrounds: Crystal Cave
Cryejil Cryejil.jpg Highsteppe: Sarrow's Cave
Knight's Tear Knights Tear.png Wastelands: Scav's Den

Regional Resource Chart

X indicates the resource is native to the region

O indicates the resource has sparse spawns or near/in unmatched content

Highsteppe Flooded Rainforest Lamavora Battlegrounds Hulthine's Basin Wastelands
Queens Ear X
Roto Spore X
Reed Flute X
King Sweetie Apple X
Coconut Milk O
Blue Moon Spore O
Blade Cactus O
Jocud Osheoth X
Sydazoran X
Chytrilealtro X
Weeping Krodo X
Crown Foil O
Blood Caps O
Plains Helm Spore X
Water Toad X
Sour Bells O
BloodMace O
Wilting Sun O O
Grathorp X
Linistanium O
Nahomium X
Obsidian X
Knight's Tear X
Cryejil X