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Equipment Basics

Equipment gives you Attack and Armor. Increasing both makes you more effective in combat. The equipment is armor class-specific -- so you can only get the benefit of cloth armor if you are currently a Runemage, Bard, or Shaman. If you aren't one of these cloth-wearing classes, you can still equip it, but it just won't have any effect (and it will look like you don't have it on). Items that match the required armor class but are above your level will provide the same effectiveness as armor that matches your level and will not provide any affixes or stat bonuses that are listed.

You can "hover" over an item in your Inventory with your finger (while pointing) for a second and it will show the Tooltip, a box with more information over the item.

To equip an item, just tap it to select it in the inventory, then tap the box you want it to go into. Note that equipment has specific slots it has to go in, if a piece won't go into a slot make sure it's the right type of equipment for that slot. Some equipment slots may not yet have items to put in them. The correct slot should highlight (or put differently, incorrect slots should be greyed out when you select an equippable item).

You start the game with a basic weapon for your selected starting class and you can choose any class to play by simply equipping that weapon into the weapon slot after collecting it from the Beginner Weapons vendor in Highsteppe. verify accuracy: If you want to equip a weapon, you must initially swap it into the hand in which your current weapon is equipped.


Equipment in your inventory has durability. When you die, your equipped items lose durability. After the durability of an item reaches 0, it is broken, and will appear with a red background on your inventory screen. Weapons, however, are unbreakable. Find an Apprentice Blacksmith in Highsteppe or near some graveyards or locations around the world and speak to them to repair your items in exchange for a small fee. The only gear that is repaired is the gear currently equipped.


Each weapon and armor in the game comes with a variety of stats. Note that some stats may only appear on higher-level or rarer-quality items.

  • Attack: This is the base state for weapons. Higher attack equals more damage. This is the most important stat in the game for increasing your damage, and should almost always be prioritized above anything else. The attack of all weapons is always the same based on the level of the monster that dropped it. So for example all Level 20 Bows will have the same Attack.
  • Armor: This is the base state for armor in the chest, shoulder, glove, and head slots. Like Attack, it's the same for all items of the same level.
  • Strength: Increases your physical damage attacks. These are non-ability attacks such as basic sword swings, basic arrows, basic Musketeer bullets, etc. For Runemages, this stat increases the speed at which your spell missiles travel(currently broken, strength does nothing for mage currently).
  • Intellect: Increases your magical damage attacks. These are all Runemage spells, Warrior combos, Musketeer orb effects, and Ranger ability arrow effects.
  • Critical: Increases your chance to crit, 15 crit is 1% extra crit chance.
  • Wisdom: Increases the rate at which your Super ability recharges.
  • Speed: Increases your movement speed.
  • Luck: Increases your chance to get loot, and increases your chance to catch 2 fish in one throw.
  • Vitality: Increases your hitpoints. The number of hitpoints gained for each point of Vitality changes based on your class. For example, Warriors gain more hitpoints for each Vitality point than Runemages.
  • Defense: Adds extra Armor against incoming attacks (e.g. special attacks, basic attacks, etc.)

Affixes and Stat Bonuses

All armor pieces will drop with Affixes. These are additions to the gear that imbue it with unique effects that can help shape battle or provide additional experience.

Epic and Legendary-level weapons and rings will drop with Affixes. Rare and Epic-level armor and rings will drop with stat bonuses.

Here are the currently-known affixes and stat bonuses available:

Weapon Affixes

1 affix per epic weapon

2 affixes per legendary weapon

  • Lifesteal: Every hit you do has a small chance to heal you for the damage of the hit.
  • Charged Strikes: You are guaranteed to have a critical strike every 10 attacks, however DoT tics will not count as hits, but will use the guaranteed Crit when you've done 10 other attacks.
  • Unbending: When a blow would kill you, instead you are reduced to 1 HP. This effect can trigger once every 2 minutes.
  • Treasure Master: You will find small amounts of dram in loot bags.
  • Giantkiller: Increases your damage by a 3% to all boss-level enemies.
  • Iceheart: All attacks do 5% increased damage to enemies afflicted with Slow (e.g. runemage frost, shaman frost, warrior hamstring).
  • Bleed: All of your attacks have a small percent chance to inflict a bleed of 250% of the damage done over 5 seconds.
  • Lightning Forged: All of your attacks have a small chance of triggering an arc of lightning, which damages the creature you attacked as well as nearby enemies.
  • First Strike: You have a 100% chance that your first attack against a full-health target will be a critical strike. (ranger charged piercing arrow and runemage super excluded)

Ring Affixes

1 affix per epic ring

  • Empowered: Your critical strike damage is increased by an additional 3%.
  • Elite Hunter: You deal increased percent damage to all elite-level enemies.
  • Elite Protector: You take a decreased percent damage from all elite-level enemies.
  • Clear Headed: Reduces the duration of stuns and slows against you by 5%.
  • Sticky: Increases the duration of stuns and slows against your enemies by 5%.

Armor Affixes

1 armor affix per normal armor

2 affixes per epic armor

  • +1% XP Gain
  • +2% Crit Damage
  • +1% Crit Chance
  • +1% Super Charge Rate
  • +1% Projectile Damage
  • -1% Incoming Crit Damage
  • +1% DoT Damage

Stat Bonuses

1 stat bonus per rare armor or ring

2 stat bonuses per epic armor

2-3 stat bonuses per epic ring

  • Wisdom
  • Intelligence
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Defense (armor only)
  • Critical Chance (ring only)
  • Luck

Re-rolling affixes

Breaking down items will yield a shard of equal rarity. Shards may be sold to merchants or used on a currently equipped piece of equipment with rarity equivalent to the shard to re-roll any affixes it has. Equipment will not re-roll to the same affix, but may return to their original affixes on subsequent re-rolls.


The infusion specialist in Highsteppe will infuse equipment with higher stat bonuses into one with lower stat bonuses. This allows one to retain a piece of equipment with higher armor while attaining the maximum stat bonus of a piece of gear in that slot. The infusion target item and source item must be for the same equipment slot and class, but may be of different rarities.

Some items, such as world boss rings, may not be able to infuse into each other depending on the source and target item order.