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Enforced Rules

The wiki is intended to be a factual resource on many aspects of OrbusVR, with no official association with specific guilds or other groups beyond the information they supply.
We will also strive to uphold the Code of Conduct for OrbusVR while out-of-game, just as you would in-game.

  • No obscenity
  • No trolling
  • Facts only where possible, estimates and speculation acceptable where genuinely useful and founded on available information. Information released by the developers, found on the official wiki, or developed through reasonable in-game testing is all fair game.
  • No removal of factual information for the purposes of concealment or otherwise. Condensing information to be more concise without losing significant content is fine, and typically encouraged.


There are a few guidelines which we would prefer be followed, but ultimately leave up to the community to decide whether or not to abide by.

  • Please do not disparage or promote any player, fellowship, or any person or group.
  • No main quest line (story/lore) spoilers, aside from locations for collection quests (Chudkatet, Diluvian cubes, etc.)
  • Attribution of significant contributions to specific groups and guilds is encouraged, but should not be framed as a recruitment item
  • An opinion or two my be deemed helpful to a guide, or "fun" in some areas, but in general facts are more helpful than opinion. Please keep that in mind.

So you want to be an editor

We here and Orbus Free Press are looking to run a tight ship, but absolutely welcome other contributors. At this time, public editing of this wiki is locked but you may review the following rights and responsibilities.

  • The following, as with all things, are subject to review and any changes will be reflected here.
  • Anonymous visitors are welcome to view all public pages and can opt to create an account and become a wiki user.
  • Users accounts can then edit any page on the wiki, upload files, all that usual wiki stuff.
    • Ofpadmin reserves the right to revoke or suspend permission if a user is found to be constantly breaking the above rules.