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Enforced Rules

The wiki is intended to be a factual resource on many aspects of OrbusVR, with no official association with specific guilds or other groups beyond the information they supply.

  • Facts only generally, estimates and speculation acceptable where genuinely useful and founded on available information. Information released by the developers, found on the official wiki, or developed through reasonable in-game testing is all fair game.
  • No obscenity
  • No removal of factual information for the purposes of concealment or otherwise. Condensing information to be more concise without losing significant content is fine, and typically encouraged.


There are a few guidelines which we would prefer be followed, but ultimately leave up to the community to decide whether or not to abide by.

  • No main quest line (story/lore) spoilers, aside from locations for collection quests (Chudkatet, Diluvian cubes, etc.)
  • Attribution of significant contributions to specific groups and guilds is encouraged, but should not be framed as a recruitment item
  • An opinion or two my be deemed helpful to a guide, or "fun" in some areas, but in general facts are more helpful than opinion. Please keep that in mind.