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Capes are obtainable from several sources and generally function as achievement markers in a similar way to Titles. They can be broken down to transmog (so don't be afraid to destroy your favorite cape and install the appearance onto a more common one).

See Cosmetics for the full directory of cosmetic items.

Reputation Capes

Cape Image How to obtain Obtainable now
Fishing Cape FishingRep4.png Rank 4 Rep with Chef Lethrow Yes
Master Fishing Cape FishingRep8.png Rank 8 Rep with Chef Lethrow Yes
Salvaging Cape SalvagingRep4.png Rank 4 Rep with Whisper Yes
Master Salvaging Cape SalvagingRep8.png Rank 8 Rep with Whisper Yes
Critter Capture Cape CritterRep4.png Rank 4 Rep with Pierre Cenn Yes
Master Critter Capture Cape CritterRep8.png Rank 8 Rep with Pierre Cenn Yes
Battlegrounds Cape PVPRep4.png Rank 4 Rep with Marlowe Yes
Master Battlegrounds Cape PVPRep8.png Rank 8 Rep with Marlowe Yes
Dragon Racing Cape DragonRep4.png Rank 4 Rep with Sicilus Yes
Master Dragon Racing Cape DragonRep8.png Rank 8 Rep with Sicilus Yes
Hunter Cape HunterRep4.png Rank 4 Rep with Darius Yes
Master Hunter Cape HunterRep8.png Rank 8 Rep with Darius Yes
Public Event Cape EventRep4.png Rank 4 Rep with Mayor Kaia Yes
Master Public Event Cape EventRep8.png Rank 8 Rep with Mayor Kaia Yes

Quest Capes

Cape Image How to obtain Obtainable now
Explorer League Cape ExplorerCape2.png Main Story Yes
Patreyal Knight Cape KnightCape.png OG Main Story No
Enforcer Cape EnforcerCape.png OG Main Story No
Brotherhood Cape Brotherhood Cape.png Brotherhood Quests No
Explorer Cape ExplorerCape.png Explorers League Quests No
Tradu Mines Minor Cape TraduaMinesCapeB.png Ancients Kill Quest 1 No
Tradu Mines Major Cape TraduaMinesCapeA.png Ancients Kill Quest 2 No
Master Hunter Cape (old) HuntingCape.png Hunter Quests No

Boss Capes

Cape Image How to obtain Obtainable now
Hardmode Ruins of Guild City Cape RuinsofGuildCityHardCape.png Empowered Valusia Warrior
[Raid Boss]
Ruins of Guild City Cape RuinsofGuildCityCape.png Empowered Valusia Warrior
[Raid Boss]
Overgrown Bark OvergrownBark.png Enraged Bjorn Stafrute
[World Boss]
Unknown Equation UnknownEquation.png Enraged Chaos Giant
[World Boss]
Independent Thought IndependentThought.png Enraged Scav Giant
[World Boss]
World boss Elongata Cape Elongata Cape.png Elongata No
World Boss Sandworm Cape SandwormCape.png Sanyel No
Cape of Long Sleep TraduWorldboss.png Ancient One No
Oldbus Raid Cape Raid Cape.jpg Lord Dethslatu No
Oldbus Hardmode Raid Cape RaidHardCape.png Lord Dethslatu No

Other Capes

Cape Image How to obtain Obtainable now
Dominion Cape DominionCape.png Trickster Goblin
10 Tokens
Triumphant Cloth RebornRaidCapeA.png GRINDING Yes

Event Capes

Cape Image How to obtain Obtainable now
Drape of Dev Tears RileyBoss.png Defeated Riley during Reborn Beta No
Defend the Realm Cape DTRCape.png Obtained 18,000 Defend the Realm points No
Mage Tournament Participant Cape MageParticipantCape.png Participated in mage tournament No
Mage Tournament Winner Cape MageWinner.png Won mage tournament No
Oculus Gold Rush Cape OcculusCape.png Logged on during Oculus Gold Rush No
Super Leveler Cape SuperLevelerCape.png Achieved level 20 in beta No

Backer Reward Capes

Cape Image How to obtain Obtainable now
Developer Cape DeveloperCape.png Developers only No
Backer Cape BackerCape.png Backer reward No
Founder Cape FounderCape.png Backer reward No
Epic Founder Cape EpicFounderCape.png Backer reward No