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Primary Roll: Support
Armor Type: Cloth
Weapon: Mallet
Equipment: Instruments


The Bard is a support class focused around conducting your own personal mini-orchestra of musical orbs. By keeping them in-sync and choosing the right instrument at the right time, you can support your party members, heal your allies, weaken your enemies, and even deal a little damage of your own!

How to fight

Combat as a Bard consists of preselecting a set of 6 instruments with which to enter combat, selecting which 3 (or 4 if you have selected the relevant talent) instruments to use by hitting them with your mallets, having away in time with the beats, and using each instrument's crescendo as appropriate.

The instruments currently available for use and their crescendos are explained below:

Instrument of Harm: An instrument which slowly damages nearby enemies over time. The crescendo of this instrument will send out a bolt of energy which will travel in a (generally) straight line and strike and interrupt the first enemy dealing damage.

Instrument of Justice: An instrument which periodically pulses with crackling energy, damaging nearby enemies as it moves. The crescendo sends out a powerful blast of 5 bolts which fly forward (zig-zagging), dealing damage and interrupting the first enemy they strike. Will also place Sickness stacks on other players in PvP

Instrument of Defense: An instrument which places a debuff on nearby enemies, causing their projectile attacks to deal less damage. The crescendo of this instrument removes a buff from enemies within a short range. Not currently functioning in PvE. In PvP, increases damage done by enemy players' projectiles by 5%.

Instrument of Protection: An instrument which places a debuff on nearby enemies, causing their damage over time abilities such as poisons to deal less damage (Not currently functioning). The crescendo of the instrument will cleanse allies in a short distance of one harmful effect. In PvP, increases damage done by enemy players' DoTs by 5%

Instrument of Speed: An instrument which increases the movement speed of all nearby allies. The crescendo will instantly refill the Stamina bar of all nearby allies.

Instrument of Inspiration: An instrument which increases the Wisdom of nearby allies, leading to faster Super ability charging. The crescendo of this instrument will greatly increase the duration of any currently-active Super abilities.

Instrument of Gentle Healing: An instrument which gently heals all nearby allies over time. The crescendo will send out up to 3 bolts of healing, prioritizing allies with the lowest health.

Instrument of Cure Wounds: An instrument which boosts the incoming healing from all sources of nearby allies. The crescendo will greatly heal a single nearby ally.

Super Ability

The Bard's Super ability will buff all nearby allies with Inspiration, which boosts damage done by 20% and healing received by 20%, for 12 seconds. Those buffed will also receive a debuff which persists through death for 5 minutes which will not allow them to receive the buff again until it expires.


1 2
Acoustic Power: Increases the range of your smart heals by 10 meters Reverberate: Increases the range of your passive beneficial effects by 5 meters
Song Shield: Your smart heals grant a small Temporary Shield to the affected target Encouraging Note: Any ally affected by a pulse effect from your instruments deals 5% more damage from all sources
Solo: Increases the healing of your healing effects by 20% Chorus: Your Instrument of Cure Wounds increases healing done from all sources by an additional 5% (10% total)
Upbeat: Notes from your songs will play 10% more quickly. Not currently functioning. Sheet Music: Once every 10 seconds, you will receive credit for a note that you missed
Encore: Gives a chance for notes to become empowered, greatly increasing the charge of their crescendo when struck Symphony: You can activate an additional instrument, but the notes play at the same time as your existing instruments

List of weapons

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Artificing for Bards

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