Auction House

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The Auction House is set up within both Highsteppe and the Player Home. To search for, bid on, and purchase items, you can go to either location. To place items up for bid or to obtain your purchased items, earned dram, or dram from being outbid, you will need to be in your Player Home.

Accessing the Auction House

To access the list of current auctions, simply approach the Auctioneer and wave as you would to interact with any NPC. Select filters to limit the items and search for what you want before placing either a 'bid' to obtain the item if nobody outbids you until the auction ends or a 'buyout' to purchase the item outright.

Setting up an Auction

Place an item that you wish to list on the auction house into the chest beside the Auctioneer inside your Player House. Select bid and buyout values and hit "Post".

Obtaining Items or Dram

If you win an item, are outbid on an item, or have a successful auction, you can open the chest directly across the room within your Player House to receive the items or dram.